Marvel Legends Elektra

Mention the name "Elektra" to the average joe a couple years ago, and you would have simply gotten a blank stare.  Had they known who you were talking about, and you were sure you'd found a comic book geek.

But the film version of Daredevil changed all that, and now with her own film coming soon starring Jennifer Garner, her fame will only grow.

All this fame has brought lots of new product as well.  There have been the action figures of course, including the super articulated Marvel Legends version, and now Diamond Select is releasing a terrific mini-bust.  This is part of their 'Marvel Universe' series of busts.

The bust will retail for around $40.  The run is limited to 5000 pieces, and should be available at your local comic shop.  I've included some on-line options at the end of the review as well.

Packaging - ***
Mini-bust packaging is pretty basic, since they aren't really intended to be kept MIB.  But this very attractive box includes close ups of the bust itself, and they've included a great looking Certificate of Authenticity.

Sculpting - ****
The work was done by Rudy Garcia and Andy Bergholtz.  They've done a marvelous job, not just in terms of detail, but also in the dynamic nature of the pose.

One of the big features to a great bust is how well the sculptors capture the true essence of the character.  Here they've pulled it off beautifully, with a pose and design that screams action.

It's hard to do long hair in an action pose, since it usually comes off as silly.  But they have designed a look that works extremely well, and every part of the bust impresses you with the feeling of motion.

The size of the bust is about 6" tall, and so in scale she fits in nicely with the rest of the Marvel Universe, and most other current mini-busts on the market.  I have her on the shelf next to Jack Skellington, and they look great together.  Okay, maybe not great, but the scale is fine.

The base appears to be stone, as do most mini-busts.  The texture is great, and there are two sais attached to the front.

Paint - ***1/2
The overall quality of the paint ops is extremely good.  There's a few minor issues holding it back from a perfect score, but most buyers won't mind in the least.

The flesh tone is accurate and consistent, with no gloppiness or streaking.  The red is bright and shiny, and looks terrific.  The best work is around the eyes and lips though, where the paint is applied perfectly.

The only real issue is between the red and flesh of the body.  The lines are a little fuzzy, with less definition and cleanliness than I'd like.  It's not awful, but it's noticeable if you're paying close attention..

Quality - ****
The bust is very high quality, made from very durable resin.  It's got good heft for the size, and the thin areas - the sai blades, the flaps hanging over the base, etc - are very sturdy for their size.  You could still break them if you're not careful, but under normal handling they should be fine.

Value - ***
All the DST busts run about the usual, around forty bucks.  That's not a terrible value, but is pretty consistent with the average price out there.

Overall - ***1/2
This is a terrific looking bust, perhaps my favorite of the work that DST has done in this area so far. 
I wasn't that thrilled with the Daredevil, but this bust is a huge improvement. There's good detail work, with a dynamic pose and solid paint ops.  You can't ask for much more from a mini-bust!

Where to Buy - 
You're local comic shop is always a good place to start. On-line:

- Entertainment Earth has her in for $45.

- Alter Ego Toys does great pre-order pricing on mini-busts.


Figure from the collection of Michael Crawford.

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