Ghostbusters Egon Spengler

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Shortly after the San Diego Comic Con, I reviewed thei 6" Egon Spengler released by Mattel. However, Brandon Courtney Miller recently sent along a guest review as well, and I thought it was fitting to run it on the same day as my review of the next release, Ray Stantz. Tell us all about Egon, Brandon!

Well, I want to give Michael a big, big thanks for my guest reviewing here! Oh boy, here it is, finally Egon Spengler of the Ghostbusters in MOVIE ACTION FIGURE FORM and he is made by none other than Mattel! On February 4th of 2009 Mattel had a Press Release revealing that they were going to make figures from both Ghostbuster films as well as the classic animated series "The Real Ghostbusters". When I read this I was very, very thrilled and have been anticipating this line ever since.

Throughout the months of anticipation, many things were going on in my mind about this long awaited and overdue series but knowing how impressed I've been with Mattel's quality, and with the Four Horsemen's sculpting of the Masters of the Universe Classics, I knew that they wouldn't fail me. The long awaited August arrival was very well worth the wait! Before I actually get started on the review, please allow me to share my thoughts and show you how I love the Ghostbusters franchise.

Long ago, back in 1984 when I was little, I remember peaking through a door at a theater showing Ghostbusters and seeing Ray with those Ecto-Goggles. Not too much later the film came on VHS and my Grandma rented it. I loved it so much I wanted her rent to it again for me, and again, and again. Before you know it I bet I watched Ghostbusters at least twenty times in a row and before you knew it my Grandma bought me the movie brand new on VHS because she knew how much I loved it. My family and I also went to the movie theater to see the sequel back in the big movie year of 1989 and it was quite an experience, one that I would not mind experiencing the big screen once more!

During these years my Grandma also picked up many, many of the vintage Ghostbuster figures from the animated series "The Real Ghostbusters" by Kenner such the Ghostbusters themselves, Slimer, the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, Ecto-1, the Ghostbusters Headquarters Fire House and much more. For the time, these were well sculpted and were quite fun! Years later I picked up NECA's excellent Ghostbuster figures of Gozer, Slimer, the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man and the Terror Dogs ("The Keymaster" Vinz Clortho & "The Gatekeeper" Zuul). This series by NECA had major potential and the figures still hold their own, but it just never worked. Thank goodness Mattel came to the rescue, yes years later but they did do it!

Ghostbusters & Ghostbusters II are two of my favorite films of all-time and two of the greatest movies ever made in the entire history of cinema, bar none! What I love about them is the great acting, the story telling of the developing plots, the humor, the music, the characters & the villains, the scenery of New York and the special effects. The special effects in my opinion are some of the best and still is arguably better than today's standard CGI and were very convincing. The musical score by Elmer Bernstein in the first film is a classic and Randy Edleman's score for the sequel was also top notch and the songs chosen for both films are absolutely perfect. To this day, I bet I have watched both films nearly two hundred times each and countless times listening to the music. As I speak, Ghostbusters III is finally in the works and if everything goes as planned its gonna be a dandy movie and I can't wait for it!

Well, I think you get the picture that I'm a major fan of the Ghostbusters. Now, the figure of Egon isn't alone, included with Egon is also Slimer, the pesky but friendly green ghost so you actually get two characters with the purchase which is a very good deal. Slimer is translucent and is from the first movie because he really changed in Ghostbusters II. Ghostbuster Egon Spengler & Slimer were San Diego Comic Con 2009 Exclusives along with MOTUC He-Ro and other Mattel items and then were available on Mattel's web store While Egon & Slimer lasted longer than thought, they have been sold out for a long time now. Look at one of my included pictures for a look at them both together. The original plan Mattel had was to release a six inch figure every other month as well as 1/6 scale figures, yep 12 inch figures which look terrific on But now they are releasing a six incher and twelve incher every other month. Be sure to read below the overall rating for a special note that I wrote. Also, you can follow the release dates and news about the figures via this web page.

Things have changed with my outlook toward Mattel. Many years prior to Egon's release I absolutely loved Mattel because of their vintage line of MOTU and years after that their totally awesome classic Street Sharks, their small but so rad mega Heroes Judge Dredd & Cyber Force and really great Ice Age 2: the Meltdown figures. Of course their 2002 MOTU figures were great but the handling of the series was completely pathetic. Even though the relaunch failed and I had major, major doubts of MOTU and Mattel in the future, Mattel came through, made up for their mistakes with their own store and made MOTUC and now is making Ghostbusters figures and now Mattel is quickly becoming one of my favorite action figure companies today. I find it so dang cool that Mattel has the license of two of my favorite 1980's franchises! OK, that just about does it now so let's get started with the review, I am quite pleased how Mattel has made Egon Spengler & Slimer as action figures - read on to find out the how the why!

Packaging - ****
Now this is what I'm talking about, packaging worthwhile! Viewers whom have read my previous complaints on figure packaging know how I rag on the cards because there is no info and no real picture whatsoever of the character, just pictures of the included figure. Who needs to see a picture of the included figure when what we really need to see is a REAL photo of what the included figure represents but Mattel has went the other way, the way a figure company should go and they have done a similar but fine job on the Ghostbuster packaging like their great MOTUC series card backs plus this style is very attractive and protective. 

The bubble is shaped to match the look of 55 Central Park West and inside the bubble is of course Egon & Slimer but also a paper cutout of the figure's name with the two Terror Dogs on a platform. On the upper section of the bubble is the iconic Ghostbuster logo which should be and is an obvious choice for the bubble. With the bubble removed there is a picture of the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man reaching down showing his aggression after being blasted with a proton stream and above him is a interdimentional lightning bolt hitting the apartment building. I am quite impressed with all of these pictures of Mr. Stay Puft, the Ghostbuster logo and especially the Terror Dogs and don't recall ever seeing these particular pictures befor. I'm really digg'in it the most when I see photos this exclusively! They are easily removable if you wish to keep them and/or tape them on the card or anywhere else. The back of the card is especially exciting with a "Personal File" on Egon consisting of name, quotes and more about the character plus a "real" authentic picture of the actual character in the film and no picture of the figure. I love it when a company does this so you can compare the figure and its real counterpart and see how well or how bad they did.The photo is a decent choice for comparison of real person vs. figure head sculpt. The photo is decent because of the angle it was shot and plus if you are a big Ghostbuster fan you'll know what scene it is from which is a good one indeed! 

I also love it when there is info about the character and while everything about Egon is not touched upon, there is enough information to know Egon. I have always felt that all of this is a very important aspect of the subject of the packaging. Like the front of the card, the back of the card also sports a decent amount of graphics with the Ghostbusters logo & slogan "Who You Gonna Call?" but also a treat of Dr. Venkman's rat's nest desk with a note that says Remember To Clean Desk! which you can clearly see hasn't been cleaned yet (probably in weeks if not months) with Chinese food such as a container and a fortune cookie, and a marshmallow among other things.

Also on the bottom part on the back of the card is a section that shows a 12" Ray Stantz figure coming in September (which by the way has been pushed to the next month in October) and next to Ray's 1/6 scale figure is Matty and the logo. Of course copyright information and Mattel info is on the back of the card as well as the Mattel logo & information on the Insert and I was surprised to find two little slips of advertisements in the bubble, one was a two sided Ghostbusters flyer, on one side was Ghostbusters on Blu-Ray DVD and on the other side is the Ghostbusters video game on many formats with really good artwork of the four Ghostbusters. The other flyer was about showing that they sell Ghostbusters, MOTUC, DCUC and JLU and that they sell exclusive items but there was no indication that they sell Disney's - PIXAR'S Cars and/or the Dark Knight items. That just about covers it, the only thing that would be a nice addition on the card back is a larger section of upcoming Ghostbusters figures in six & twelve inch format like they do with the card backs of the MOTUC so it would be helpful for the person to know easly without a possible hassle on the PC plus on the back of the card it can possibly make you anticipate the figures even more. This is most definitely packaging that I like and I wish more figures from other companies were as graphically neat, colored and detailed as this packaging is!

Sculpting - ****
Truly the most intriguing subject of Egon is undoubltably the sculpting. 

Sculpted gracefully by the renowned Four Horsemen, Egon looks like he was taken out of the film, frozen and shrunk down to six inches, that's how real he looks! The head sculpt is extremely uncanny as it possesses the thick and raised hair style with non-dumbo ears and creases abound on his face including the dented mouth.

He has the large nose, thin sculpted eyebrows, and small chin, and the eye proportion makes it clear that this is Egon because it IS his eyes! He has sculpted glasses which is a separate piece that isn't removable. The frames seem a bit thicker than they should be but if they were a thinner plastic then they would be very easy to break off but the lenses are clear, not blurred so you can see his eyes and the frames are not completely on his face where you could see underneath and above his glasses as if they were indeed real eye glasses! The Ghostbuster uniform which is a jumpsuit variation is sculpted very nicely with examples such as the uniform crinkled up from shoulders to upper shins, sculpted pockets throughout and the long front zipper being sculpted with a cool effect of it not being zipped up all the way allowing the collar to fold and revealing the black undershirt and also a sculpted name plate that's painted saying Spengler which is a true treat. 

I have always been fond of the work boots that the guys wore and the Four Horsemen nailed this just like the jumpsuit! Egon's elbow pads also look very good but the thing that really steals the show here is his utility belt! Its of a stretchy look with metal appearing clamps with many gadgets on it but the thing that impresses me is the gloves that are hanging down from his belt. Egon wore these black glossy gloves and they appear a bit creased and floppy as real gloves of this kind actually are.

As for his proton pack, I studied this object personally and compared it to the real particle accelerator and everything is in order with all of the wiring, structures, knobs and straps and is in scale with Egon. The Neutrona Wand with Egon as well as the strapped equipment is also in scale with a long wire or cord connected into the Particle Thrower. The Proton Gun itself is carefully sculpted with hand grips on the hilt and near the barrel and has wiring on the nozzle. 

Let's not forget about that ugly little spud Slimer because I don't consider him as an accessory but as another character! Slimer's slightly rounded body is sculpted excellently with deep creases, crevices and wrinkles all over that form that is called a body. His arms are small and short with little five fingered hands. His face is excellent having big cheeks, a little nose, rectanglish shaped head and a big mouth with large human-like teeth that seem absolutely perfect! I have included a comparison shot of Mattel's Slimer compared to NECA's as well as Ertl's and to be honest, as great looking as NECA's version is I think Mattel's is more realistic and film accurate than the previous one by NECA. The stand that Slimer has is decently sculpted but its an average design and it does do its job well. So there you have it, Egon and his Proton pack are great sculpts as is Slimer and as always I'm impressed by the Four Horsemen. It seems they never fail me at sculpting and that's why they are arguably my favorite and give big competition to NECA, McFarlane, Sideshow, Hot Toys and Hasbro.

Paint - ***1/2
The paint application on Egon is decent but not perfect. Egon's glasses vary especially where the black doesn't always meet the frames or a bit of skin color shows up on them. On his face are tiny black spots here and there. His eyes are colored a medium brown which works just fine. 

The glasses paint apps are quite important but depending on how much and how big the spots are they may not be as critical. If they're tiny you can't notice them from a distance. His eyebrows are painted good but there is some skin that can be seen like in lines and whether the Horsemen did this purposely for a realism effect or it's a minor paint issue I can't say for sure, but it does work whatever the reason might be. His hair seems to cover a bit of the top of his ears and again I'm not sure if this was on purpose or not. His jumpsuit doesn't posses a whole gob of paint because only his Ghostbuster logo on his right arm and name on his chest are the detailed paint apps, but they are painted quite well. There is some painted slime in sections of his outfit which is a cool idea with good effect. His elbow pads are painted in three tones, the outer front is dark green, the inner section is medium teal and the outer back is a dark greenish-gray color and I really like these colors that they have chosen to be used for his elbow pads. 

Various gadgets on his belt are painted too. His proton pack is very detailed with the wires & sticker areas. His boots however do not have much of any painting that I noticed except a little dirt effect.

Now for the green ghost Slimmer, he doesn't have a ton of paint but what is painted on him is decent. His eyes are great as the outer parts are clean white, and his inner part such as the pupils are red & black which is also good. His sculpted eye lid & bag areas are lined with black paint but his mouth is really good with huge white teeth, red and pinkish gums, a big pink tongue and red roof & throat region. Since Slimer is a translucent there isn't much to paint, but he just looks marvelous! Overall, the painting on both figures is great and they get three and a half stars for it!

Articulation - ****
Like Mattel's MOTUC figures, Egon has great articulation and while he doesn't have every joint there is to have, he does has a lot and they work effectively. Hhere is his breakdown on his articulation points:
1x Ball Jointed Neck (acts as two joints with a cut)
2x Ball Jointed - Hinged Shoulders (acts as two joints on each shoulder which is also cut)
2x Ball Jointed - Cut Hinged Elbows (again, acts as two joints on each elbow which is also cut)
2x Ball Jointed - Cut Hinged Wrists (yet again, acts as two joints on each wrist which is also cut)
1x Cut Waist
2x Cut & Hinged Hips
2x Cut Thighs
2x Hinged Knees
2x Cut Shins/Boots
2x Hinged Ankles (with 2x Rocker Joints for side to side movement)
Slimmer is also articulated with some joints as well at:
2x Ball Jointed - Hinged Shoulders (acts as two joints which is also cut)
2x Hinged Elbows
2x Cut Wrists
Ego is quite impressive with officially 18 points of articulation but I count 27 points all together which is greatly fantabulous for a figure. Even the little green menace that is Slimer moves good at officially 6 points, but again I  counted 8 joints! I just love the modern articulation in today's action figures and I'm so glad that Egon & even Slimer has been treated with these joints and knock on wood, I didn't have any problems with any of these joints. The only thing is that Egon's right rocker joint in his foot doesn't rock as much as it should but this I consider to be a normal issue and the joints are tight but not too tight. Overall I'm very pleased with the selection of joints and quality of them to boot!

Accessories - ***
For me this was the most disappointing aspect of the purchase of Egon because he doesn't include much at all like I was hoping! He comes with his non-removable Proton Pack wired with the Particle Thrower but where is his PKE meter or Giga meter? These are two important devises seen in the films and would be an important accessory for the figure as well.

While I have accepted Egon doesn't have these, I am still in a mild uproar over it. Egon stands on his own fine but I wouldn't mind a stand for him and that's why I example him with the DC Universe stand in one of the pictures. Of course he comes with Slimer, the green ghost and most might think of him as an accessory but I don't and since I do not Slimer includes a clear one-piece stand that plugs into a hole underneath the little slimeball. Slimer's stand is nearly the same sculpt as the one included with MOTUC Tri-Klops' Doomseeker spybot which is an okay reuse. So even though this category isn't as pleasing as it should be at least Egon's got his Proton Pack & Neutrona Wand and Slimer's got a stand to hover and float because Slimer just can't stand on his own and that is why this section gets three stars.

Special Feature - ****
Well, Egon is an action figure but with no action feature! To me his feature is his taking his Proton Gun and posing him handling with one or both hands in whatever pose!
Accuracy - Compared to the character movie versions: ****
He is quite close to his real counterpart in the Ghostbusters film series, in this scale, this is as close as you can get, not just with his head sculpt & outfit but also his Proton Pack. Slimer is also very close in too especially his old wrinkled body. If some other sculptors would have sculpted these guys I don't think that they would have done them better and to be quite honest I don't think anyone else would have been able to get as close to film accuracy as the Four Horsemen did!  
Scale Comparison - Egon & Slimer **** - Compared to other Mattel lines - *** - Compared to NECA's Ghostbusters - Varies 
Egon & Slimer are very much in scale with each other and Slimer is a small guy as he should be. Egon's Proton Pack & gun are in fine scale with him. Now, I have included a picture of Egon & Slimer compared to NECA's Ghostbuster figures for comparison and the Terror Dogs are a good size with Egon. Gozer on the other hand isn't. The Gozerian looks like a giant compared to Egon and its the same old story with Mr. Stay Puft as he has never been in scale with any of his counterparts. Slimer is way smaller than NECA's version but a bit larger than Ertl's version.

I have also included a picture of Egon with Ertl's 1/20 scale Ecto-1. The Ectomobile is to small to be in scale but from distant looks fine. I have also included two pictures of Egon compared to three of Mattel's previous figures, DC's Super Heroes Doomsday, MOTUC's He-Ro and He-Man for the people whom want to know the size comparison with them. Doomsday is tall but seems smaller than he should next to Egon and both MOTUC figures appear as golithian men compared to Egon which are clearly not in scale at all with each other even though both are said to be in six inch scale. There
you go on the scale department!  
Quality - ****
One of the most important aspects for a figure to be great is the quality and Egon & Slimer are very, very durable! They are made out of a softer type of plastic and their joints are constructed well without having to use force or any other method of moving the figures. Egon's Proton Gun and wire are a bit on the flimsy side but its way better than having a hard plastic gun that could break.

I love it when a figure isn't fragile and is made well. Mattel has made many figures of good quality over the years and like the well made MOTUC, I'm very pleased of how Egon Spengler & Slimer turned out!

Fun Factor - ****
Just by knowing a movie version of Egon exists is fun but having him in person and just displaying him on the shelf, looking at him whatever pose he's in is just such an unspeakably good time! I have been waiting many years for a film version of him and when you wait a long time and anticipate such a thing as this then he becomes a part of your dream figures so he becomes quite a treat indeed. Since he's articulated very well he becomes more interactive and more interesting on the shelf and Slimer can be fun since he moves a bit and having both of them together is great and I'm sure with future releases of the other Ghostbusters as well as other characters these guys will become even more than a blast!  

Value - ****
At $20 Egon & Slimer are a good deal and with $8.70 shipping which totals at $28.70 its still OK in my opinion because you are getting two figures with excellent quality and in great packaging. Let's face it, Egon is a special market figure that otherwise wouldn't be available and even regular released figures in smaller scales are well over $10 right now so I think its quite a bargain but if you head on to eBay and pay like ten dollars more then its three stars. Any higher price the lower the score falls. I very happy that Egon is finally here and with this price tag.

Things to Watch Out For -
Really not a thing. Egon & Slimer are made very well which makes the both of them very sturdy. Even though they are tough figures and their joints are tight this doesn't mean that they're indestructible and you should never force the joints and/or accessories. If you have children and they know who the Ghostbusters are and want to see Egon and Slimer, make sure they know how to take care of things first because these figures are special market items and in the future these will probably be like gold. Other than these notable marks, that's all!

Overall - ***1/2
Egon is great but I hate to give him three and a half stars, I really, painfully do but the reason is because he didn't included his Giga meter or a PKE meter and to me that kinda hurt his overall rating. Sure, he comes with Slimer which is not an accessory at all but indeed another character but he needed more than his Proton Pack & Particle Thrower Gun. I'm very impressed with the packaging, movements and of course sculpting but come on, he wasn't treated as well in the accessories as Mattel's MOTUC figures are. They get many additional items including bonuses such as alternate heads and 200x accessories!

That's the only thing that I'm not pleased about and that I feel Mattel needs to work on more is additional accessories and come October it appears the six inch Ray Stantz is the same story which before I was sure hoping that the sixers includes his Ecto-Goggles and but for the twelve incher, because of the scale, they should include way more and thankfully it appears that they do. So, don't let this get you down just because of my little ranting of the absent devices because otherwise Egon & Slimer are great figures and look just fine on the shelf together and believe me, they ARE worth the price, I'm just being picky over something that I was hoping for because of the memories that I have seeing Egon & Ray with those electronic devices. I'm very thankful that movie version Egon has finally been immortalized as an action figure and while Slimer looks great too, he was made by NECA previously so he was just a remake of sorts but still great nonetheless.

Despite my rants, Mattel & the Horsemen have made the dream come true and they accomplished it successfully!

Scoring Recap:
Packaging - ****
Sculpting - ****
Paint - ***1/2
Articulation - ****
Accessories - ***
Special Features - ****
Scale Comparison - Egon & Slimer **** - Compared to other Mattel lines -*** - Compared to NECA's Ghostbusters - Varies Accuracy - Compared to the character movie versions: ****
Quality - ***
Fun Factor - ****
Value - ****
Overall - ***1/2

Where to Buy - was the place but Egon & Slimer have been since unavailable. Check on eBay for cheap prices while you can!

Remember on every month there will be a new Ghostbuster figure that is scheduled for the rest of 2009 and as well 2010, every other month a six inch figure will be released and a twelve inch figure will be available to coincide with it. On October 15th, 2009 though as I speak to make up for the September delay a six inch version of Ray Stantz with the Ghostbuster Ghost logo & as well as a twelve inch addition of Ray Stantz will be both on sale, the six inch at $20 & the twelve inch at $60. Both versions of Ray look very good especially the 1/6. A decent looking six inch Winston Zeddmore with ghost trap and twelve inch version of Egon Spengler are scheduled on December 15th. The 12" Egon looks very, very interesting and both 1/6 of Egon & Ray feature extra accessories as well as light-up Proton Packs! The lineup for the future looks promising and I'm anticipating the entire line especially an extraordinary looking Dr. Peter Venkman in 6 & 12 inch versions and an unbelievable Walter Peck next year. So make sure that you mark your calendars and to keep your eyes on often for updates because most likely new MOTUC and other items you maybe wanting will be available on the same day and its not always guaranteed that they will last on the page for long. October will be a big figure month on Matty Collector because Ray will be available in two different scales as well as MOTUC's Teela, a great looking figure and the first female of the MOTUCs and a retooled but terrific 200x version of Zodac. The 1/6 scale Egon was originally going to be available in November coinciding with a tremendous MOTUC Scareglow and a reissue of He-Man but the 1/6 Egon and 6" Winston will be available the same time when an extremely vintage looking King Randor, the great looking Green Goddess and the reissue of Skeletor are released! For more updates on the releases of Ghostbuster figures head here and for MOTUC updates go here)!

So in a nutshell, there's some info to help you out. Now all four of the Ghostbusters are scheduled in six and twelve inch scale but Walter Peck is so far only scheduled as a six incher. These haven't been scheduled yet but I'd really like to have six inch figures of other characters that are a must such as Dana Barrett, Louis Tully, Janine melnitz, Mayor Lenny and other characters I wouldn't mind would be Oscar, the Librarian, Dr. Janosz Poha, Jack Hardemeyer, Prosecuting Attorney "Kitten" and Judge Stephen Wexler. As for the ghosts I'd absolutely love a Prince Vigo the Carpathian in figure & painting form and I wouldn't mind Mattel's own Gozer, Terror Dogs and a Mr. Stay Puft too (in small and large scale) and I'd really dig the Library Ghost in old woman & monster ghost forms and of course the Taxi Ghost and how's this, a concept figure of Ivo Shandor, now I'd truly would love that! Oh, I wouldn't mind it at all if these guys were also made in 1/6 scale too. Well, viewers, there's a little somethin' for ya guys to think about!

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