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Brandon is back tonight with another great Godzilla review - take it away, Brandon!

First things first, I want to thank Michael again for his kindness. Now here we go, the Final set of the Godzilla Complete Works which is series 4 of the Real Stage mini statute dioramas were released earlier in 2007 by Bandai. Like the other sets in the previous series' each includes seven figures plus and an eighth which is a chase figure that is actually a variation of one already in the set. In other words it ain't another monster or some other new figure or character. Anyway what is about to get under way in a moment is my guest review of all seven figures plus the chase figure. Yes you read that right. THE CHASE FIGURE! Its actually the only one I wanted out of the four sets due to reasons I'll get to soon. The chase figures are very hard to obtain and if getting the regulars wasn't hard enough since these are sold in Japan and imports in the states. Now the figures in this Final set is as follows: Godzilla 1954 from Gojira AKA Godzilla: King of the Monsters, Godzilla 1966 from Godzilla vs. the Sea Monster, Godzilla 1969 from Godzilla's Revenge, Godzilla 1973 from Godzilla vs. Megalon, Godzilla 1991 from Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah, Godzilla 1993 from Godzilla vs. MechaGodzilla II and Godzilla 2002 from Godzilla X Mechagodzilla. The chase figure is Godzilla 1954 painted in color, again more on that in a bit. There are a few of the most wanted versions to be in this series by Myself and possibly other fans. Finally Godzilla 54, Godzilla 73, Godzilla 91 and Godzilla 93 have made it in the series. This set is called Final because it is the last of the Godzilla Complete works by excellent sculptor Yuji Sakai. Don't be fooled like I was when you notice a Godzilla Complete Works Set with new artwork as it is a Classic Selection Set of 1955 to 1975. They consist of figures already released. It does however give you another crack at the bat for them if you were unable to get them before hand. Now, There are not one but two different things about this last series. Number one is that they are a wee bit bigger than the previous entries. When I first read about this months and months ago I thought I wasn't going to be pleased because I want them all to be in the same scale and look right with each other. Don't worry the size isn't a factor here as when I look at them they all look the same size to Me so it worked out in My opinion. Number two is that all of the Godzilla figures are already assembled! You read right that you don't have to put his backs on that consist of his fins and tail. An unusual choice for this series as most if not all of Japan's small figures all need some type of assembly. With this set all twenty-eight Toho versions of Godzilla have been immortalized in this great but small stature. However, Toho's Godzillasaurus and the Showa version that appeared on Zone Fighter and Tri-Star's Godzilla are not in the series. But really you couldn't ask for more. Without further ado The Godzilla Complete Works Final Series 4!

Packaging - ***1/2
Like the previous boxes they came in each one is identical and you don't know which one is in there until you open it up so unfortunately its still blind packaging. There're inside a much larger case. I like the design of the packaging as it is a creative look of the figures in the series but again like before its all mostly in Japanese so unless you don't know how to speak/read Japanese about only 5% (if even that) of the writing is in English. The figures are in the same type of plastic bags the previous ones were in before. There is a section for in each bag for the figure, base and accessories. The boxes feel different. I'm not sure what material is used this time around but its not as smooth feeling as the boxes in the previous series' but anyone who has these boxes and the previous series' boxes will know what I'm talking about. Also they got them pesky poison pill packets in there once more so be sure to get rid of them quite quickly. I'm not a big fan of blind packaging because If I want to get something I want to see it and make sure that I don't already have it in my possession. It may be a difficult way of knowing what you'll be receiving until you open it up but its a classic trend and it has been around for years. 

Sculpting - ****
Ah! This is the part that makes these figures shine so much! If you ever wanted a Godzilla figure series with some of the best sculpting that has ever been seen and a series of the most realistic Godzilla versions this is it! Lets start off with the big G-54 regular and chase pieces, the version that you would think would be in the first series. His body looks just like how it looked in the film. You can see that its sculpted to look like a suit. His eyes are looking to the left and it depicts the famous scene perfectly. His hands have an old Iguanodonesque look to them and his feet and sails all appear as seen in the first movie. The building on his base looks like a real structure. Both versions of Godzilla 54 are sculpted identically as the only difference is the painting. Godzilla 66 is in a nice pose as he is ready to jump in the ocean and have a fight with the giant crustacean. His face is captured with a great look. His base is a simple one. There is a mountain with greens and the land looks real dusty and there's a small amount of water that looks like it may wave onto the land. Godzilla 69 is also in a nice pose reaching as throwing a fist if you will in a fight. Even though the film had a lot of stock footage Godzilla had his moments of the new so he looked a bit different in some scenes. His face is what I really like about this figure. His teeth are clearly seen and his eyes look authentic. His base is, like Godzilla 66 is a simple one as it also has a mountain with greens but it also has the palm trees and they look good enough to match the diorama and the scale is right on! Godzilla 73 is in a stand off pose looking a bit to the right but mostly straight. His fingers are bent down some what just like they were for real. His base is simply ground with a lot of dirt and some greens. Next up Godzilla 91! The bulkier body and longer tail are captured perfectly. His opened hand exposing his claws is good and you can see that his face is developing into even more of a cat look. His base is arguably the most detailed and complicated of all of the series. There are several buildings and they look really good and all of them are scaled accurately. Now the Tokyo Tower is the big story here. It is a huge tower, way taller than the three-hundred foot plus tall Godzilla. From bottom till you reach the end before the antenna it looks like a steel structure with glass. The inside of it is the elevator with multiple windows. This is such a great sculpted piece and scaled right. Now on to Godzilla 93. Like he looked the previous two years Godzilla 93's body is much bulkier body and has real long tail and again its captured perfectly. His opened hands exposing his claws waiting to grasp his
enemy and his sails all look fine. You can see that his face is even more cat like than before. Godzilla has always had a cat face but during the Heisi era it was more present. His base has a large area of rock with greens. Now, moving on to the last version, Godzilla 2002. His body is much slimmer and the fins are more crystal like. His neck skin is out and you can tell that. A great expression is on his face and his claws and toe nails all look good. On the base is a nicely sculpted mazer cannon and a tank, both are in great scale with the figure. And that about does it! All are sculpted superbly and look so real. These are all so fantastic. Just incredible. This category is definitely a very big four stars!

Paint - ****
The painting on these figures and very good. If there is some bit of slop you'll only find a real tiny little dot of smudged paint on one and that's if you're looking hard and also that's counts if there is any! Now on the chase Godzilla 54 figure there are noticeably more and different colors. His tongue is colored differently and the ground is as well. Another one worth mentioning to say is the title of the film he is from on his base. Instead of it being white for since Godzilla's first movie was in black and white but they made it so he can be in color to match the others. I got this chase piece because it was the first Godzilla version and I wanted to have this version colorized. Overall with the paint applications I have been quite pleased with the painting on these very small Godzilla counterparts ever since series one come out several years ago!

Accessories - ****
What these Godzilla versions come with are they're bases and some environment pieces. Plus small pamphlets of the figure with a movie photo but like the boxes there're all in Japanese. There is also a advertisement of some sort in each one but since I don't know the Japanese language I don't have the slightest clue of what its for or what it means. Now, not all of the figures have multiple accessories. Some just come with the figure and base and that's it so I'll talk about the ones that have more than one accessories besides the base. Godzilla 54 and Godzilla 54 Chase includes the big wide building and it needs to be assembled since it comes in several pieces. Godzilla 69 has his base and four palm trees that stick into tiny holes. Now Godzilla 91 has the biggest accessory part, the Tokyo Tower has four pieces. Since the end of the tower is a separate piece you'll have to watch out for it so you don't lose it and the same goes for them palm trees. Everything here is as to what you would expect in a scene depicting Godzilla rampaging through the country of Japan. 

Fun Factor - ****
Having figures of arguably the biggest Icon the history of cinema this detailed and expertly sculpted is a treat. Looking at all twenty-eight versions of Godzilla side by side is huge dream come true. Without a doubt it becomes the ultimate accomplishment. Displaying them how you want like in chronological order as the versions appeared on film or mixing it up or in order in series by series or setting them up you're own way they just become fun to look at and display because they have so much realism. Godzilla lovers that have the other series' will love to look at a complete Godzilla collection! 

Value - ****
Like I previously said in my other guest reviews that these figures are some of the most absolute finest that money can buy. I purchased My set from Extreme Collectables for $47.99 and the chase 1954 Godzilla for $9.99 plus $8.00, flat-rate shipping. That is a total of $65.98! In My book that is a great value. Let's face it you are getting seven, extremely realistic figures of the monster king for less than fifty bucks and add the
chase for just ten more. Its four stars with the entire regular set for less than or a bit more than fifty smackers. If you chose to get the chase piece with the set like I did and you get it from ten dollars to fifteen dollars and you get the set for fifty bucks you are still getting a good deal. Now if you get the regular set for over fifty bucks or close to sixty its still ok but knock off a half of a star but if its more than sixty dollars erase an entire star. Now if you get the chase figure for over ten and the set is over fifty say like eighteen for the chase and fifty-nine for the set of seven the rating will be lower. Some collectors will probably just want the set and not the additional chase piece so just go with what I said above about just the set but if you buy the set for more than sixty this becomes a three star value. Now let's move to a similar point here. Say you come across a case of ten. Sure its a larger number and you'll have a good choice of getting the chase piece but you'll also have duplicates. If you are after a set this isn't the way to get it because you'll probably have the set plus some of the same ones that you'll have to either discard them, give them to someone, sell them or something else and not to mention the price point of a case. Most places that will offer a case will be sixty dollars and up. At this time as I write this I will be surprised if there is one for fifty bucks or under. Unless you don't mind having duplicates then so be it but because of the hassle it is My opinion that it becomes a three star value. 

Things to Watch Out For -
You'll want throw away the pill packets in the boxes and let them get no further than the trash can. You'll also want to be careful with the very small accessories and also sometimes when you place the figures on the bases the bottom of the bases come loose a bit but if that happens just push them back in and they should be ready to go. My tip is just hold the bottom and place them easily on them. This doesn't occur in many of them so I consider this to be a very little thing. One thing that you might want to watch out for is what I noticed on the bottom of some of the bases. The years of when the movies came out are wrong particularly on Godzilla 66 and Godzilla 69. Godzilla 66 says 69 and Godzilla 69 says 66. I'm not sure if all of them are like that but if you like to look at the information on the bottom or back of your figures such as company names, copyright etc. like Me then you'll notice it if its indeed there. 

Overall - ****
This is one of the best sets in the Real Stage Godzilla Complete Works Series if not the best of the four. The versions in this one may make this set the most different and usual of the all four and arguably the best looking Godzilla figures out there! With the good paint applications and great, great quality of the figures and extraordinary sculpting they become figures that collectors want in their' re figures by their' re favorite
companies. I'll just say this, not only are they some the most realistic Godzilla figures EVER in My opinion and just as great as the previous replica versions but their some of the finest quality items I have. For $47.99 plus shipping and the price for the chase they are priced great. They look just awesome with each other and the other three sets. Its like a Godzilla evolution set when you set them by each other and in order as they appeared on screen! With the figures already assembled it becomes easier and faster for the owner who just wants them displayed right away but if you liked assembling them for an additional thing to do when getting them ready to display that is gone. I'm not sure if this will be a trend for other Japanese figures or not but believe Me when I say it this has no effect on the sculpting as they look just fantastic! This being the last and final series is a bummer but the mission I once thought was impossible is accomplished with all 28 Godzilla versions made in great quality and with super detailed sculpting, this is a another winning Godzilla series and now it is now truly the Godzilla Complete Works! 


For those of you who would want a Godzilla's enemies and allies series (like Me) in this scale and style in a spin-off or sub-series sculpted by Yuji Sakai I can't say anything about it because as of this time nothing has been revealed except that he is currently working on a series for 2007 called the Giga Series. At least one figure for the new series is known and it is the very first Godzilla from 1954. Expect him to be around eighteen inches tall, extremely detailed and to be $150 or more.

Packaging - ***1/2
Sculpt - ****
Paint - ****
Accessories - ****
Fun Factor - ****
Value - ****
Overall - ****

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