Carlos from BBI

BBI has produced two new figures in the Elite Force TERMINATE! line - Scar and Carlos.  I reviewed Scar last week, and as soon as I got him out of the package, I knew I needed Carlos, his partner in bad stuff.

This are available on line at many retailers.  I've included some links below, but I bought mine at Echo Base Toys.  I was extremely pleased with the condition, packing and how fast they filled my order.  You can expect to pay around $35.

Packaging - ****
Dragon may have done this style of collector friendly packaging first, but give BBI credit - they realized how good it is.  All of the accessories and the figure are easily removed from the package with no damage.  The graphics are great, with text on Carlos background.

Outfit - ****
I suspect that Junkyard Jack will be tremendously jealous when these two bump into each other at the local terrorist bar.  Carlos' leather jacket and pants fit the way they should, and his black shirt underneath can be worn with the collar up or down.  The flak jacket fits tightly, with easy to use buckles, and the armor plate fits nicely in the back.  His boots are well sculpted, and all the buckles and straps on all the clothes and equipment are well designed and work easily.

Articulation - ****
I think the BBI body outdoes the current Dragon version.  There is an additional joint here, a cut joint on the upper thigh, that greatly increases the number of poses you can do with the legs.  Of course, all the rest of what are now the standard joints exist, making this one of the nicest articulated bodies on the market.

Sculpting - ***
It's a good sculpt, but it's the reason I bought Scar first.  Carlos could have used darker hair, because the blonde hair, van dyke and earring tend to make him look a little too much like a life partner for Harley Ken.  Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Value - ***1/2
At $35, this guy's a steal.  Better than 21st Century, better than Dragon, here's hoping they find a way over time to drive the prices down around $30.

Accessories - ****
Here's an area in which Carlos out does Scar.  Scar's accessories were awfully nice - Carlos just blew me away.  He has a radio similar to Scar's, but has a hole in his ear for the small earpiece to fit.  His blue tinted glasses fit perfectly.  There are plenty of weapons - the pump shotgun (with working pump and flashlight attachment), the handgun, the knife (hard plastic), the MP-5, and there is liberal use of die-cast metal.  He even comes equipped with a cloth gun bag with side pockets, to carry his weapons in the car perhaps.  He also has the very small gap in his mouth, but this time instead of a cigarette, he comes with a stogie.  There are two different tips supplied - one is red, to approximate glowing end, and the other has fake smoke attached. 

There are minor quibbles with the accessories - the ear piece doesn't fit particularly well in the ear, and to put the equipment on the belt you have to remove one piece of the belt buckle, always a pain in the neck.  But overall, these are some of the finest accessories I've seen produced in one package.

Overall - ****
This is one of the overall nicest figures I have in my collection.  The fantastic accessories, excellent detail, and great quality add up to a fantastic value.  I'll be buying more from BBI!

Here are some additional places that you should be able to find these terrific figures at:

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