The Complete Index of World of Springfield Reviews

Regular release figures Regular release playsets Exclusive figures and sets
Wave 1 Assortment 1 Treehouse of Horror 1
Wave 2 Assortment 2 Glow in the Dark Homer
Wave 3 Assortment 3 Pin Pal Burns
Wave 4 Assortment 4 (Andriod's Dungeon, Bowl-A-Rama) Treehouse of Horror 2
Wave 5 Assortment A Radioactive Man and Fallout Boy
Wave 6 Assortment B Xmas Set 1
Wave 7 Assortment C Convention Comic Book Guy
Wave 8 Assortment D Boxing Homer
Wave 9 Assortment E Pin Pal Moe
Wave 10 Assortment F Mobile Home (Colonel Homer/ Lurleen) 
Wave 11 Assortment G Prom playset
Wave 12 Assortment H Treehouse of Horror 3
Wave 13 Assortment I Bowling Alley (Jacques)
Wave 14 Assortment J KBBL Radio Station
Wave 15 Assortment K New Year's Eve set
Wave 16   Main Street
Celebrity Series 1   Moe's Tavern
Celebrity Series 2   Treehouse of Horror 4
Hank Scorpio   Be Sharp play set
Cooder and Sinclair Mailaways   Flashback (Ullman) set
Be Sharp Homer   Future Burns set
Be Sharp Apu    
Moe/Mr. Burns Re-releases    
Be Sharp Skinner    
Be Sharp Barney    
Stonecutter Moe    
Stonecutter Lenny    


Other Stuff  
NECA Celebrity Figures wave 4 part 2 NECA Celebrity Figures wave 5 part 1
NECA Celebrity figures wave 3 part 3 NECA Celebrity Figures wave 4 part 1
NECA Celebrity Figures wave 3 part 1 NECA Celebrity Figures wave 3 part 2
Kid Robot Matt Groening NECA Mini-figures wave 1
NECA Celebrity figures wave 1 part 1 NECA Celebrity figures wave 1 part 2
NECA Celebrity figures wave 2 part 1 NECA Celebrity figures wave 2 part 2
Simpsons Lego Minifigures wave 1 part 1 Simpsons Lego Minifigures wave 1 part 2
Beanies Boogie Homer
Collecting Books Krusty in a Box
Simpsons Clue Bradford Ornaments
18" Foam Figures Simpsons Mini-figures (Episode PVC's)
Simpsons Trivia Faces of Springfield 1 (9")
Talking Golf Head Covers Bongos
Bart Simpson Remote Control Skateboard Springfield Talking School Bus
Lunchbox Misadventures of Homer 3
Simpsons PVC 10 piece set Simpsons mini-pvc's
"Woo-hoo" Homer (Hamilton) BK Creepy Classics 
Simpsons Board Game Simpsons Die Cast 1 and 2
2001 U.K. Burger King Simpsons Simpsons Bendy set 1
Talking Family Car Faces of Springfield 2
Simpsons Pop Out People Simpsons Bendies series 2
BK Spooky Light Ups Itchy and Scratchy Pain-O-Meter
Misadventures of Homer 2 The Homer
Simpsons Blockos Simpsons busts series 1
Simpsons Clickers Simpsons busts series 2
Hula Homer Simpsons Collector/CBG busts
Homer Tin Wind Up Simpsons Krusty mini-bust
Simpsons Bust Ups Series 1 Simpsons Bust Ups series 2
Mcfarlane Ironic Punishment Set Greetings from Springfield series 1, 2, 3
Greetings from Springfield series 4, 5, 6 Mcfarlane Couch Gag Set
Mcfarlane Series 1 Movie Series 1
What you looking at set Itchy and Scratchy movie set
The Island of Dr. Hibbert Lard Lad deluxe set
Dark Horse Syroco figures McFarlane Series 2
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