Green Lantern Wave 1 part 2
Abin Sur, Manhunter, Low/Maash and Arkillo

Abin Sur Green Lantern DC Unverse Classics wave 1 action figures from Mattel

DC Universe Classics have been fairly successful for Mattel, certainly when compared to other mass market toy lines that are really intended for collectors more than kids. It's no wonder that with 2011 being the year of Green Lantern that they've expanded the line, spinning off a couple waves specifically geared towards members of the Corps both green and yellow.

I covered the first half of wave 1 before the holidays, and tonight I'm finishing up with Abin Sur, Manhunter, and Low (who comes with a head and hands to make Maash as well). I'll also be looking at the Collect and Connect figure Arkillo, and treating him as a separate entity.

I ordered these online, but you should also be able to find them at several retailers over the next few weeks. I have several online suggestions at the end of the review, and you'll usually end up spending around $15-$17 a pop for most DC Universe Classics figures these days.
Abin Sur Green Lantern DC Unverse Classics wave 1 action figures from Mattel
Abin Sur Green Lantern DC Unverse Classics wave 1 action figures from Mattel
Manhunter Green Lantern DC Unverse Classics wave 1 action figures from Mattel
Low Green Lantern DC Unverse Classics wave 1 action figures from Mattel
Maash Green Lantern DC Unverse Classics wave 1 action figures from Mattel
Arkillo Green Lantern DC Unverse Classics wave 1 action figures from Mattel
Abin Sur Green Lantern DC Unverse Classics wave 1 action figures from Mattel
Manhunter Green Lantern DC Unverse Classics wave 1 action figures from Mattel
Arkillo Green Lantern DC Unverse Classics wave 1 action figures from Mattel
Maash Green Lantern DC Unverse Classics wave 1 action figures from Mattel
Green Lantern DC Unverse Classics wave 1 action figures from Mattel

Packaging - **1/2
The packages are slightly bigger than the usual DCUC bubble/cardback, but they have a similar color scheme and design.

I'm docking them here for the same reason I've docked the DCUC packages on occasion in the past - the interior trays are warping the legs of the figures. I had a lot of trouble with Abin Sur, and a little with Low, and it's unacceptable.

Sculpting - Sur, Arkillo, Low/Maash ****; Manhunter ***1/2
Sculpting has never really been a major problem for the figures in this series, with only an occasional speed bump on their otherwise perfect path.

The first four figures were good to great, with an excellent Green Lantern and a nice Black Hand. But this last half of the series is really outstanding.

Abin Sur has the mummified, dry wrinkled skin, with an almost skull appearance. The hand sculpts look terrific and work great with tons of poses, and while the body is pretty standard, it works well for the character. The texture and details on this figure are excellent, and he could very well be my favorite of the first wave.

But he's got a lot of competition in Low and Maash. Both head sculpts are very cool, although some of the teeth in Low's mouth are a tad soft. The texturing of the skin is good, but the mouth isn't as good as I'd hoped.

The Maash head looks even better, with the three screaming faces. Both figures have hands designed to work with the heads, and the sculpts look fantastic.

The only disappointment here is Manhunter. The sculpt isn't awful, and in fact there's some excellent detailing in the armor on the legs and arms, so perhaps 'disappointment' isn't the right word.  He's...boring. If you're a bigger fan of the character than I, your mileage may vary.

Paint - Manhunter, Arkillo **1/2; Low/Maash, Sur **
Unfortunately, these three don't do well when it comes to paint. There's lots of slop, very poor cut lines, and generally weak quality all around.

Abin Sur and Low have the poorest quality, with really bad edges on the cut lines between the major colors. This is particularly true around the tops of the boots, but it's a pretty consistent problem.

Arkillo and Manhunter aren't quite as bad, but there's still more slop than I expect, particularly with the price point pushing $20 a pop.

Articulation - Sur ****; Low/Maash ***1/2; Manhunter, Arkillo ***
All DCUC figures have great articulation and a natural flow to their design. Some are slightly better than others however for various reasons.

While Arkillo and Manhunter have ball jointed necks and shoulders, pin elbows, knees and ankles, cut wrists and waist, special hinge hips, and an ab crunch chest, there's some restriction to these joints. Manhunter also has the usual cut thighs and Arkillo does not - normal for the big CnC figures.

Manhunter's neck, wrists and elbows are all restricted by the design, but as a robot it's not too surprising he's a tad stiff. Arkillos is a bit more restricted at the knees and elbows as well, much like past CnC figures in this scale.

Low has all the normal articulation, just like Manhunter, but unlike him the joints are fairly unrestricted with the exception of the neck. Again, due to the head sculpt (and this is true for both Low and Maash) the neck is pretty much just a cut joint.

Abin Sur has all the usual articulation AND none of it is restricted AND he adds a better wrist - they are pin/post style wrists, rather than just post. That means they just don't turn, but can fold inward and outward as well. This works great with his cool hand sculpts.

Accessories - Low/Maash ***1/2; Manhunter ***; Sur **1/2, Arkillo Bupkis
All the figures (except Arkillo of course) come with these silly 3D (blue/red) glasses that are supposed to work with a website - whatever. I'm not a big fan of this sort of pack in.

One of the key selling points of any DC Universe Classic figure is the Collect and Connect pieces. For Sur, that's all you're getting, so if you aren't interested in Arkillo, this is pretty much a goose egg for you.

But why wouldn't you want Arkillo? He really is damn sweet - but unlike some (albeit very few) CnC figures, he doesn't have any accessory of his own.

Manhunter comes with his large lantern, and while there's not much in the way of paint ops, it does have a nice sculpt and fits perfectly in his left hand.

Low is the big winner here, since he comes with the additional head sculpt and hand sculpts to swap to Maash. The plan is to do this with the next wave as well, allowing you to get quite a few Sinestro Corps figures. That is, if you buy extras. That's the beauty of this sort of marketing strategy - you can't really have both Low and Maash unless you buy a second Low for the body. Does that work? I'm going to buy a second, so I supposed it does.

It helps of course that both the Low and the Maash look great. Swapping the heads is very easy, but the hands were a alien of a different color. It felt like I was going to snap the wrist pegs removing the Low hands, but I managed to get them off without damage - eventually. Once I had them swapped to Maash, I decided I'd just leave him that way and pick up a second Low to display both.

Fun Factor - ****
DC Universe Classics are excellent action figures. Great sculpts, great articulation, fun accessories when they make sense, no silly action features - any kid who is a fan of Green Lantern will love these. And any collector will too.

Value - **
The price of the DCUC figures continues to rise, and at some point - and it's not very far off, in my opinion - they'll hit the point where they can no longer sell in large enough quantities to make a profit. Knowing that it's happening doesn't make it any less disappointing.

Things to Watch Out For -
When swapping the hands on Low, be very careful. I'd suggest using some hot water as well, to soften up the forearms a bit.

Another piece that could easily break is the handle on Manhunter's lantern. When placing it in his hand, be sure to get the fingers out of the way and don't force it.

Overall - Sur, Arkillo, Low/Maash ***1/2; Manhunter ***
If you're a big Green Lantern fan, then you must really be in collector's heaven these days. With the boxed set of Green Lantern figures and now this first wave of the Green Lantern figures, fans of the character are getting some great collectibles. With the movie coming later this year, we're sure to see quite a few more.

And while getting double heads and hands with a figure really means you still have to buy another, I don't mind. The bigger problem for me is the inconsistent and weak paint ops, something that almost pulled these scores lower. The sculpts helped save them, but I certainly hope Mattel realizes that at this price point they've got to step it up.

Score Recap:
Packaging - **1/2
Sculpting - Sur, Arkillo, Low/Maash ****; Manhunter ***1/2
Paint - Manhunter, Arkillo **1/2; Low/Maash, Sur **
Articulation - Sur ****; Low/Maash ***1/2; Manhunter, Arkillo ***
Accessories - Low/Maash ***1/2; Manhunter ***; Sur **1/2, Arkillo Bupkis
Fun Factor - ****
Value - **
Overall - Sur, Arkillo, Low/Maash ***1/2; Manhunter ***

Where to Buy -
Online options include these site sponsors:

- Mike's Comics N Stuff has them for $16.50 each.

- Big Bad Toy Store has them for $17 each, or $90 for the set of 6.

- Entertainment Earth has them for $17 each.

- Things From Another World has them for $18 each.

- or you can search ebay for a deal.

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Low Green Lantern DC Unverse Classics wave 1 action figures from Mattel

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