Famous Covers Storm 2 Pack

Oddly enough, it looks like many Toys R Us stores aren't getting all three of the two pack sets in.  Many have received two of the three, and mine is like that - they got in the Toad and Wolverine, but in the following two weeks have not received Storm.  However, the web site came through and shipped these to me this week.

There are two more 2 packs - one for Wolverine and one for Toad.  They are a limited run of 15,000 , exclusive to Toys R Us, and retail for $24.99.

Packaging - ***1/2
I don't think I can say much about the Famous Covers packaging that I already haven't.  Great graphics, sturdy package, no need to destroy anything to get it out.

Sculpts - ***1/2
The resculpt of Halle still doesn't quite capture her, but it was a valiant try.  And while it might miss that mark by a bit, it's still a terrific head sculpt in general.  The hair on both of these is shorter than the original FC version, with the 'classic' version here having a medium length and the movie version short.  I prefer the rooted hair these figures have, but I suggest leaving the rubber bands on.  However, since we have no way of knowing at this point if there could be some sort of interaction between the band and the hair, I suggest also keeping a close eye on it.

Articulation - ***1/2
This is the same female Famous Covers body we've had many times before.  For those not familiar, the articulation is quite above average, although the pleather suit the movie Storm is wearing diminishes her ability to pose. 


Costumes - **1/2
The movie version is less than spectacular.  The costume is a little baggier than the movie Wolverine, making it slightly easier to pose her, but only slightly, and the look is less attractive.  It does match the movie fairly well, down to the silly 'X' on her belly.  BTW, why did everyone get upset when Batman had nipples, but Storm gets to have an 'x' on her crotch and nobody says peep?  I still don't understand why the logo was so low slung...and unfortunately, on my figure it's not centered too well.

The white classic version is much nicer.  The costume is of excellent quality, and I always love the tall pleather boots.  The cape is nice and big, hemmed everywhere with lots of attention to detail.

Value - **1/2
Not the greatest value in the world, since I had to get mine from the website and ended up paying for shipping.  Not a terrible value though - two nice figures for $25 is decent in today's market.

Overall - ***
Of the two, I prefer the classic version.  Of the three two packs, I think this one gets the edge, although all six figures are more than worth it for the Famous Covers or X-men collector.

All three of the FC Storms together for comparison

Figure from the collection of Michael Crawford.

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