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Two Harry Potter reviews in a row!  With the next movie still months away, I'm as surprised as you are.  But Gentle Giant just released their latest mini-bust, Nymphadora Tonks.  Tonks is, by my estimation, the hottest chick in the Harry Potter world.  Now mind you, most of the Harry Potter world is either populated by chicks somewhere well south of legal in every state, or by women who once dated Andrew Jackson, so Tonks dooesn't have tons of competition.  Still, she's got that wild thing going for her, along with plenty of attituded and a first name that includes the word 'nymph'.  Seriously, what were her parents thinking?

This mini-bust is a limited edition of 2500, and runs around $40 - $45, pretty much in line with previous releases.  These just started shipping in the last week or two, so nows the time to pick her up.

Packaging - ***
The package is the usual box, including a nice little window.  You know I like the window, even though most folks will be buying these online.  There's also the usual nifty Certificate of Authenticity done up in baseball card style.

Sculpting - **1/2
So who was this supposed to be again?  Oh yes, from the photo on the front of the box I can see it's supposed to be Tonks.  But this head sculpt ain't her.

The only thing saving this sculpting score from going lower is the detail work on the body.  There's some really nice work on the clothing, buttons, and even now standard rock-like base.  They did a decent job on her choker (although the bells/balls are a little oversized), and the clothing is all quite realistic.

The face sculpt is also more attractive than some of the Gentle Giant ladies of the past.  But the face is too thin, as is the nose, and the eyes and eyebrows are much, much too close together.  In fact, the head and jaw itself might be about the right shape if the eyes weren't so close together, making it appear even thinner than it is.

Paint - **1/2
Another let down, and another score saved from an even worse fate by the work below the neck.  There's no slop on her outfit, and the small details are clean and neat, with fairly sharp cut lines.

Unfortunately, the work on the face and hair brings things down.  The eyebrows have enough issues due to the sculpting, but the paint makes them look like huge caterpillars stuck to her forehead.  Even Brooke Shields has thinner eyebrows these days.

The hair has varied from the original prototype from very white to very blue to a much more pink color in the final production bust.  There's still some blue here and there, but the lighter color show both on the photo of the character, and on the early prototypes is gone.  The hair is much darker, and doesn't do a whole lot for me.

Design - **
Perhaps the sculpt and paint issues would have bothered me less if they'd done something a bit more interesting with the bust overall.

The pose is very languid, too much so.  She looks like she's conducting a rather dull instrumental while thinking about making a peanut butter sandwich.

Then there's the hair, sculpt with strands flowing out in a very dynamic way.  But the figure itself has no movement implied, with the slightest tilt to her head, her upper body straight, and her arm posed in a holding stance.  The hair and body pose simply don't match up.

Value - **1/2
As bad as the sculpt and paint might be, at least they stuck with the usual price point.  With prices going up on most stuff, I'm glad to see these staying about the same.  Let's hope it stays that way.

Things to Watch Out For - 
I'd be careful mucking around too much with a bent wand.  Sometimes there's enough pewter used in smaller items like this on busts to allow you to bend them a bit, but it feels to me like a little pressure will snap the wand.  Best to leave this one alone and live with it.

Overall - **1/2
I don't get it.  How can GG do such wonderful work on some of the Harry Potter busts, and then stink up others?  Unfortunately, it seems to be the ladies that end up getting bashed with the ugly stick, although I'm betting they nail McGonagall.  And that sounds just so wrong.

Score Recap:
Packaging - ***
Sculpt - **1/2
Paint - **1/2
Design - **
Value - **1/2
Overall - **1/2

Where to Buy -
Online options are probably going to be your best best:

- Dark Shadow Collectibles has her listed at $42.

- Fireside Collectibles has her listed at $40.

- Urban Collector has him at $45.

- Things from Another World has her for about $45.

- or you can search ebay using MyAuctionLinks.

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