Tony Almeida - 24

Tony Almeida 24 sixth scale action figure by Kunch

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When I covered the 24 Jack Bauer and President Palmer from Enterbay, I mentioned how great it would be to get Tony. Is this head and outfit combo from Kunch the answer? Jeff Parker is going to let us know - tell us all about it Jeff!

When Enterbay announced the first two 24 figures, I have a feeling the fans hoped it was to be the merest opening of the floodgates. I myself (who have barely watched the series) thought the first Jack was such a strong figure they were sure to follow him up with numerouse re-worked versions for all the different seasons, not to mention a whole swathe of the supporting cast. But, for reasons unknown to me, (perhaps licencing) it was not to be. We ended up with just Jack and Pres Palmer. They were both strong figures, not without fault, but deffinetly memorable as they came at a time when no one seemed able to hold a candle to the juggernaut that is Hot Toys, but all of a sudden we had a contender. I suppose we still do, but the sluggish delivery rate from Enterbay means we’ve not seen much new product from them over the last year. However, when they do deliver, they tend to deliver firing on all six cylinders so my hopes for the Prison Break brothers is still kept pretty high, and although there have been production problems, the Storm Warriors set still looks most impressive.

But enough of past glories and pontificating on what might have been, we’re here to talk Kunch!
Seeing that the gap left open in the market for 1/6th 24 related merchandise had been left wide open by Enterbay (and almost destroyed by Diamond select), Kunch decided to step in. They have already produced a couple of alternate seasons outfits to swap the Enterbay Jack into, I reviewed both sets, the season 5 out fit HERE and the season 7 HERE and both were more than respectable. But apart from that it looked like the 24 ranks would not be fleshed out. That is untill Kunch upped the ante with this, at last you could have someone other than Palmer to keep Jack from being lonesome.
Tony Almeida 24 sixth scale action figure by Kunch

Tony Almeida 24 sixth scale action figure by Kunch
Tony Almeida 24 sixth scale action figure by Kunch
Tony Almeida 24 sixth scale action figure by Kunch
Tony Almeida 24 sixth scale action figure by Kunch
Tony Almeida 24 sixth scale action figure by Kunch
Tony Almeida 24 sixth scale action figure by Kunch

Packaging - N/A
This has no official box as such, but the goodies came well packed, held in a zip-lock plastic bag within a big padded Jiffy envelope. So not exciting, but it all arrived in top condition.

Sculpting - ***
This looks to be a pretty good representation of Carlos Bernard, the guy who plays Tony Almeida, he’s one of the few characters in the series that Jack trusted, well until he died in Jacks arms in season 5… but in the ever more convoluted (and it has to be said slightly ridiculous) world of 24 he was then resurrected in season 7. But lets not get bogged down in the minutiae of the series, because after eight truly dreadful days it has been decided Jack should now move to the silver screen. I thought it obvious it should be called 2.4 and chronicle two hours and forty minutes in real time of Jack having a sh*t morning/afternoon, but alas tis not to be. Instead it’s going to be a full story arc set through the course of a day but compressed into 2 hours.

But enough waffle (I’m so easily distracted, attention span of a goldfish!), so lets look at the set. The head was sculpted by Average Joe for Kunch and is sold unpainted (as standard), however onesixthbruce sent me one fully painted up by their in-house artist Sickboy customs (thank the lord, cheers Wai Man, as I’m the unwrap and display kind of a collector, not the buy it, ship it, get it painted, get it shipped back kind and I certainly don’t have the skills myself to do it) The painting service is available at an extra 15.

The actual sculpt work looks pretty solid, as you can see in the pics HERE of the unpainted head, so I’m guessing that in the hands of a master this could be pretty spot on. The expression is the determined side of neutral and shows some nice texturing on the facial hair, and the overall proportions manage to capture the actors features well.

Paint - **1/2
Sickboy customs have done an OK job here, but certainly not an exceptional one. It has to be said, as a group, us 1/6th collectors have been getting pretty spoilt of late. The apps we are getting from the hi-end big hitters are getting more and more impressive with each new release, reaching levels that were hitherto unthinkable. This however is slightly lower than the Sideshow standard, as the eyes lack clarity and fine definition, however they have managed to get them nice and glossy so they catch the light well without the need for a doll dot. The flesh tone manages to match the slim shouldered TT that I put the head onto, and it shows some nice graduations within its application, especially on the stubble at the sides of the face. However the painting of the eyebrows, moustache, beard and hairline lacks any fine feathering or subtlety. It’s all serviceable but looks a tad too solid, especially on the eyebrows. I also found the lips to be a little on the pink side, nothing too bright, we’re not talking full on lipstick, but the colour used doesn’t work quite right with his skin tone.

So, a fair paint app, but not one that stands out in any particular way, however if you are buying the base head unpainted, as I believe most people will, then this is just a good pointer as to how it looks when painted up. So if you’ve got the skills, this could be a nice little project!

Outfit - ***
This set consists of three items, well four if you count the belt. You can see most of the elements they are based on pretty well in this pic HERE and it shows that the overall look is pretty close to the source material. It’s not perfect as the leather needs to look more weathered (easy job in the right hands) and the jacket should have cut side pockets. The shirt should have rounded corners where it sweeps down to the buttons, but even taking this into consideration, for a 1/6th depiction it still manages to look pretty close to what we saw in the series.

All the tailoring is solid as well, the seams are well finished and the jacket is lined, the zipper is a little oversized, but when partially zipped up it still looks good and fits well to the body. I’m not sure if Tony wore the shirt tucked or untucked, I went for tucked at first, then decided it looked best untucked with the belt removed as it bulks up under the shirt. The shirt’s my favourite piece in the set and hangs well on the figure, the buttons are to a good scale and the overall fit is excellent. The black slacks have working side pockets, belt loops and a velcro fly, the fit is again solid and the length works well on the standard narrow TT.

It’s a good outfit for any number of civilian bashes and would work well even if you decide not to go for the head and the whole Tony Almeida set up. For my photos I used the shoes that came with the mech-test Tony Stark, these can be picked up parted out on eBay.

Articulation - N/A
No base body is included, but Kunch have designed the head to fit the Hot Toys True Type, and I found the head fitted just fine, once it’s fitted and he’s fully dressed it doesn’t hamper the articulation at all.

Accessories - N/A
He could have done with a gun, but the kit just contains the head and outfit, you’ll have to find the shoes and the weapons for yourself.

Value - ***
All the bits are available from, the unpainted head costs 20 and the outfit comes in at 25. You’ll need a base body on top of that, plus a pair of shoes and some firepower meaning at the end of the day you should be able to pull a figure of Tony together for about 65 to 85 depending what bod you decide to go for and how many guns you think he needs.

Fun Factor - ***
This is totally down to how much of a fan of the series you are, but if you had given up all hope of getting any more decent 24 figures, then this could be another solid addition to your set. Admittedly it isn’t quite Enterbay standards, but neither is it Enterbay prices. I know it’s been made in limited numbers and onesixthbruce tell me that after the initial flurry of buying when it was stocked, just a few sets are now left.

So, if you decide to go for it, you’ll find all the component parts are of a solid quality, and once fitted to a TT the clothes don’t restrict the articulation at all, making him as play friendly as you want him to be… which it has to be said in terms of poseability is up there with the best.

Overall - ***
At last Jack has a comrade/foil to stand alongside, I never got Pres Palmer, he was an outstanding looking figure that Michael reviewed HERE, but I just wasn’t a big enough fan of the series to go for it. And while this figure of Tony isn’t up there in terms of final quality, he certainly looks good on the shelf just standing slightly behind Jack, like a shadowy nemesis… which he kind of turned out to be.

The work on the head is strong, but needs some jaw droppingly good paint apps to really exploit the underlying sculpt, however if you have the skills and are up to the challenge you’d have a top class figure on your hands. The outfit is all well tailored and fits the base TT figure snugly without being too tight, and for a combined sum of 45 (about $65) it seems like a good quality mid-priced set to me.

Where to Buy - have the unpainted head for 20 and a painting service is available, just enquire with Wai Man. The outfit set is also still available for 25.

Tony Almeida 24 sixth scale action figure by Kunch
Tony Almeida 24 sixth scale action figure by Kunch
Tony Almeida 24 sixth scale action figure by Kunch

Tony Almeida 24 sixth scale action figure by Kunch

This product was provided free for the review by the manufacturer. Photos and text by Jeff Parker.

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