The 2014 People's Picks - The Final Ballot!

Hello readers!  It's time for the 2014 People's Picks voting.  This is where you, the reader and collector, get to weigh in on the best collectibles of 2014, using the same exact ballot selections as the industry judges in the Poppies! It's always interesting to see how the general population of collectors votes in comparison to the judges, and I bet this year will prove particularly so.

The nominees on this ballot got here because of the judges. You can find the list of the 159 judges for 2014 right here. You'll see some very familiar names from companies large and small, media outlets around the net, retailers and collectors around the globe, and artists from many different areas. They discussed, argued and nominated those items they felt had that certain something for each category.

NOTE: You only get to vote once, and the best way to control that is by asking for your email. If you want your vote to count, enter your email. I don't use the email addresses for anything else, including providing them to anyone for mail etc.

It is not necessary to vote in every category. I've included an 'abstain' button for each category which is the default (and very last) radio button. However, I've also provided links for all choices to refresh your memory on each nominee. Read through all the choices in each category before casting your vote, since what I call something might not be what you expected. Thanks!

Let me know if you've got any questions by emailing me.  Thanks for your participation! 

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Best Overall Company:  We cut this list quite a bit this year. Instead of listing every company out there, we went with those that we felt had enough product and enough activity to warrant inclusion.


Best Overall Line - High End:

Notes - Remember, the links here are just to general examples to remind you of the overall line. The link may not be the best representation or the worst - it's just a way to remind you which line we're talking about so there's no confusion.

Batman Black & White (DC Collectibles) Batman (all licenses) (Hot Toys) DC Bombshells (DC Collectibles) DC Comics (Sideshow)
DC (all lines) (Hot Toys) Dr. Who (Big Chief) Gang's Kingdom (DAM Toys) G.I. Joe (Sideshow)
The Hobbit/LOTR (Weta) The Hobbit/LOTR (Gentle Giant) Lord of the Rings (Asmus) Marvel (all lines) (Hot Toys)
Marvel (all lines)(Sideshow) Masterpiece HD (all lines) (Enterbay) Robocop (Hot Toys) Star Wars (Sideshow)
Star Wars Jumbo Vintage (Gentle Giant) Walking Dead (Gentle Giant) ABSTAIN

Best Overall Line - Low End:

Notes - Remember, the links here are just to general examples to remind you of the overall line. The link may not be the best representation or the worst - it's just a way to remind you which line we're talking about so there's no confusion. That's particularly important in this category, where more than one company is doing the same license.

One of the interesting things in this category is how few of the lines from last year were repeat nominations this year, or rather, how many new lines have been added.

Batman Designer Series (DC Collectibles) Batman Animated (TNBA etc.) (DC Collectibles) Breaking Bad (Mezco) DC Multiverse (Mattel)
Game of Thrones (Dark Horse) Game of Thrones (Funko) Gothitropolis: Ravens (Four Horsemen) Magic The Gathering (Funko)
Marvel Legends (Hasbro) Marvel Select (DST) Masters of the Universe Classics (Mattel) Outer Space Men (Four Horsemen)
Pacific Rim (NECA) Planet of the Apes (NECA) Plants Vs Zombies (DST) Pop! Vinyl Figures (Funko)
ReAction (Funko) Simpsons Celebrity Series (NECA) Star Wars Black (Hasbro) Star Wars Diecast (Disney)
TMNT (Playmates) TMNT (Kid Robot) Transformers (Hasbro) Twilight Zone (BifBangPow)
Universal Monsters (DST) Walking Dead (Mcfarlane) WWE (Mattel) ABSTAIN

Eddie Wires Award for Outstanding Paint

NOTES: Remember, this award is for a collectible that has such amazing paint as to set it apart - something really exceptional in that specific area.

Azog on Warg (Weta) Batista, WWE (Mattel) Black Widow (Gentle Giant)
Chomper/Engineer 2 pack, Plants vs Zombies (DST) Clonetrooper, 501st (Sideshow) Elder Predator (Hot Toys)
Gorilla Soldier (NECA) Harley, Batman B/W (DC Collectibles) Iron Man MK42 DieCast (Hot Toys)
Kerberos Panzer Jäger (Hot Toys) Knifehead BD, Pacific Rim (NECA) Marv Sin City (DST)
Maurice POTA (NECA) Robocop (Hot Toys) Shao Khan (PCS)
T-800 BD (Hot Toys) Tyreese (McFarlane) Viper Predator (NECA)

Best Male Figure 18" and up:

NOTES: This is the category for all the cool quarter scale figures released this year. Thanks to NECA, there's plenty of choices, but other companies are showing strong in the larger scale as well.

Batman 1989 (NECA) Bruce Lee (Blitzway) Cherno Alpha, Pacific Rim (NECA)
Dutch, Predator (NECA) Godzilla (Jakks) Han in Stormtrooper Outfit (Jakks)
Joker (NECA) Master Chief (NECA) Mr. Bean (Enterbay)
Robocop (Enterbay) T-1000 (Enterbay) War Machine MKII (Play Imaginitive)


Best Male Figure (12" - 17"):

NOTES: Lots of excellent choices this year - be sure to review them all before voting. Non-licensed products were not included.

Batman (comic version) (Sideshow) Chucky (Mezco) Darth Vader (Sideshow)
Diamond 3, Gangs Kingdom (DAM Toys) Guritz, LOTR (Asmus) Harry Potter (Star Ace)
Iron Man MK42 Die Cast (Hot Toys) Link (Medicom) Probe Droid (Sideshow)
Robocop with Chair (Hot Toys) Sherlock Holmes (Big Chief) Star-Lord, GotG (Hot Toys)
Superman, MoS (Hot Toys) Tyrion, Game of Thrones (ThreeZero) ABSTAIN


Best Male Figure (5" - 11"):

Note: Lots of great entries this year, including multiple versions of Batman - pay close attention to each to be sure you're getting your favorite.

Amazing Spider-man 2 Spidey (Hasbro) Batman 1989 (NECA) Batman, TNBA (DC Collectibles) Caesar DOTPOTA (NECA)
Captain America Stealth Suit ML (Hasbro) Creature from the Black Lagoon (DST) Drogo, GoT (Funko) ED-209 (NECA)
Falcon, Marvel Select (DST) Garruk Wildspeaker, Magic The Gathering  (Funko) Glen, Walking Dead (McFarlane) Gorilla Soldier, POTA (NECA)
Iron Patriot (S.H. Figuarts) Jedi Luke, SW Black (Hasbro) Jetfire, Transformers (Hasbro) Michelangelo, TMNT (Revoltech)
Modulok, MOTUC (Mattel) Mummy (Mezco) Riddler, Batman Designer (DC Collectibles) Star-Lord, GotG ML (Hasbro)
Tyreese, Walking Dead (McFarlane) Viper Predator (NECA) ABSTAIN


Best Male Figure (under 5"):

NOTE: Bowser is here because, although he's larger than 5", the scale of the World of Nintendo line is just under 5".

Adam Power, Power Lords (Four Horsemen) Alien, ReAction (Funko) Arctic B.A.T., G.I. Joe (Hasbro)
Bowser, World of Nintendo () Darth Vader #26, SW Black (Hasbro) Fighter's Guild Akavari and Pony Guar (Symbiote)
Gremlin, Twilight Zone (BifBangPow) Jack Asteroid, OSM (Four Horsemen) Jabba's Skiff Guard, SW Black (Hasbro)
Kane in Spacesuit, Alien ReAction (Funko) L'il Gotham Batman (DC Collectibles) Penguin, Multiverse (Mattel)
Snake Eyes, Artic, G.I. Joe (Hasbro) Super Mario (S.H. Figuarts) ABSTAIN


Best Female Figure (over 11"):

Note: There's some excellent entries in all the female categories this year, with a lot more representation than in past years. Please pay particular attention to each, particularly since there are two different versions of Maleficent.

Avea Trotter, Monster High (Mattel) Baroness, G.I. Joe (Sideshow) Black Widow, CA:WS (Hot Toys)
Cammy, Street Fighter (Medicom) Catwoman, DC Comics (Sideshow) Crimson (Flirty Girl)
Domino Lady (Phicen) Faraway Forest Elf, Barbie (Mattel) Harley, DC Comics (Sideshow)
Hit Girl, Kick Ass 2, (Medicom) Maleficent (Hot Toys) Maleficent (Disney Signature Collection)


Best Female Figure (5" - 11"):

Notes: There are a ton of great nominees this year in this category as well. A few of them are outside the norm, but yes, they're female (I'm looking at you, Alien Queen!). There's also more than one Arya and more than one Daenerys, so please check each carefully.

Alien Queen (NECA) April O'Neil TMNT (Playmates) Arcee, Transformers (Hasbro)
Arya Stark, GoT (Funko) Arya Stark, GoT (Dark Horse) Black Cat, Spider-Man ML (Hasbro)
Black Widow, CA:WS ML (Hasbro) Catwoman, animated (DC Collectibles) Daenerys, Got (Dark Horse)
Daenerys, GoT (Funko) Gamora, GotG ML (Hasbro) Lilliana Vess, Magic (Funko)
Lucy Lawless, Simpsons (NECA) Maggie, Walking Dead (McFarlane) Mermista, MOTUC (Mattel)
Penny, Gremlins (NECA) Scorpia, MOTUC (Mattel) Venus, Sailor Moon (S.H. Figuarts)
Windblade, Transformers (Hasbro) Zira, POTA (NECA) ABSTAIN


Best Female Figure (under 5"):

Notes: The strong female represetation continues in the smaller scale. It's particularly nice to see it's not just Star Wars and Joe, although they have some strong nominees as well.

Amy Pond, Dr. Who (Character Options) Baroness, G.I. Joe (Hasbro) Catwoman, DC Multiverse (Mattel)
Harley, DC Multiverse (Mattel) Lady Jaye, G.I. Joe (Hasbro) Ripley, Alien ReAction (Funko)
Samus Arun, Amiibo, (Nintendo) Talky Tina, TZ (BifBangPow) Terra Firma, OSM (Four Horsemen)
Toryn Farr, Star Wars Black (Hasbro) Wasp, Marvel Infinite (Hasbro) ABSTAIN


Best Buld a Figure/Collect and Connect (any size or type):

Note: This category actually grew slightly this year, thanks in no small part ot Hasbro putting out quite a few themselves.

Green Goblin, Spider-Man ML (Hasbro) Groot, GotG ML (Hasbro) Jubilee, ML (Hasbro)
Kalibak, DCU/Super Powers (Mattel) Mandroid, ML (Hasbro) Minicon Assault Team Centuritron, Transformers (Hasbro)


Best Vehicle or Playset:

Note: There are a ton of great nominees this year, way more than the norm. This is a tough category, since some of these are extremely expensive, some very cheap...some intended for collectors, some for kids. But when it comes to these add ons, I think it's possible to combine them and still get a fair result, as long as voters take into consideration the differences.

Armory, Batman (Hot Toys) AT-DP, Star Wars, (Hasbro) Batbot, RC (Imaginext)
Batmobile, Toy Toyko Red version (Funko) Battle Ram, MOTUC (Mattel) Battle Rover (Imaginext)
Cobra Wolf, G.I. Joe (Hasbro) Dragon Castle (True Legends) Ecto-1, Ghostbusters, (Funko)
High Flying Blimp, TMNT (Playmates) Inquisitor TIE Fighter, Star Wars (Hasbro) Iron Man 3 Hall of Armor, House Party (Hot Toys)
Iron Man 3 Workshop Accessories (Hot Toys) Millenium Falcon, Star Wars Hero (Hasbro) Phantom, Star Wars Rebels (Hasbro)
Serenity 1:250 scale cutaway (Qmx) Slave 1, Star Wars Die Cast (Disney) Speeder Bike, Star Wars Black (Hasbro)
T-Tower, Teen Titans (Jazzwares) X-Wing Fighter, Star Wars (Hasbro) Z-line Billiard Breakout, TMNT (Playmates)


Best Statue:

NOTES: I don't think we've ever had three versions of one character in a category before...but Harley does it this time!

Azog on Warg (Weta) Batman Arkham City (Kotobukiya) Black Widow (Gentle Giant)
Black Widow PF (Sideshow) Chewbacca PF (Sideshow) Conan (ARH)
Harley, DC Bombshells (DC Collectibles) Harley, Batman B/W (DC Collectibles) Harley PF (Sideshow)
He-Man (Pop Culture Shock) Herman Munster (Tweeterhead) Judge Death (Pop Culture Shock)
King Thror, Hobbit (Weta) Mojo (Bowen) Padme Amidala (Gentle Giant)
Rick Grimes, Walking Dead comic (McFarlane) Shao Khan (Pop Culture Shock) Superman DC Comics PF (Sideshow)
Warframe Excalibur (Symbiote) Wonder Woman ArtFX (Kotobukiya) Yoda Ilum, Star Wars (Gentle Giant)


Best Bust:


Alien Big Chap Legendary Scale (Sideshow) Azog (Gentle Giant) Goblin King (Gentle Giant)
Iron Man MK42 Battle Damaged (Hot Toys) Jek Porkins, Star Wars (Gentle Giant) Panzerkommandant Jürgen (Quarantine)
Rocket Raccoon (Gentle Giant) Ryu, Street Fighter Life Size (Pop Culture Shock) Scorpion, Life Size (Pop Culture Shock)
Sophia Stalker, Walking Dead (Gentle Giant) ABSTAIN


Best Designer/Vinyl:


Baby Dancing Groot (Funko) BeeBop, TMNT (Kid Robot) Chariv, Rise of the Beasts, Glyos (Onell)
Dr. Who War Beast SDCC (Titan) Dr. Who War Doctor SDCC (Titan) Elder Scrolls Online Nord (Symbiote)
GoGo Yubari, Kill Bill (Funko) Gus Fring, Dead Face, Breaking Bad (Funko) Judge Dredd Cosplay Penguin (Blind Mouse)
Kiora Atua, Magic (Funko) Sharknado, Bloody (Funko) Shockwave, Transformers (Loyal Subjects)
Splinter, TMNT (Loyal Subjects) Sun Dad Red (RealXHead) Super Crayboth, Glyos (Onell)
Tezzeret, Magic (Funko) White Lantern Flash (Funko) Yubiosu (RealXHead)


Best Prop Replica:

Batman Returns Cowl (Hollywood Collectibles) Breaking Bad Teddy Bear (Mezco) Gremlins 2 Flasher (NECA)
Infinity Gauntlet (Hasbro) Larry Talbot's Cane, Wolfman (Factory Entertainment) Longclaw, GoT (Valyrian Steel)
Monkey Brains Bowl, Indiana Jones Predator 1 Bio Mask (Sideshow) Ravenclaw Diadem, Harry Potter (Noble)
Sonic Screwdriver, Dr. Who (Rubbertoe) Tomenosuke Blaster Pro Edition (Hollywood Collectibles) Walking Dead Jail Key (McFarlane)


Best Block Figures/Building Set Series:

Note: We changed this category up this year, since going with the top level manufacturer wasn't the best way to handle it. Instead, we are now looking at specific lines within the building block/mini-figure market. Look at the nominees and you'll get the idea.

DC/Marvel Superheroes (Lego) Halo (MegaBloks) How to Train Your Dragon 2 (Ionix)
Legends of Chima (Lego) Lego Movie (LEGO) Plants Vs Zombies Minimates (DST)
Simpsons (Lego) Spongebob (MegaBloks) Star Wars (Lego)
Titanfall (K'Nex) Transformers (Kre-o) Walking Dead (McFarlane)


Best Misc:

Note: Some of these are included in the Misc category not as a line or series, but as a concept, like the ReAction figures or the Star Wars Command.

Caesar's Bust/DVD Case (NECA) Disneyvision (Disney) Grimlock Stomp and Chomp (Hasbro)
ReAction Figures (Funko) Star Wars Command (Hasbro) Titanfall Collector's Edition
TMNT Giant Size (Jakks) ABSTAIN

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