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Clone Trooper Captain

Clone Trooper Captain Star Wars action figure by Medicom Toys

George Lucas knew that licensed product based on his Star Wars franchise would make him rich.  Or at least he had that vision, and it was a vision that played out extremely well for him.  But I've often wondered if he had any inkling of the huge percentage of that income that would be generated from those lowly Stormtroopers, and their slightly smarter predecessors, the Clone Troopers.

The beauty with these characters is that a) collectors and fans want multiples of the same character to army build and b) with only slight changes to color and deco, you can create a whole 'nother version, necessary for the completist. From Hasbro action figures to Gentle Giant mini-busts, I don't think there's ever been a licensed character that's been bled for this much cash.

Continuing in this tradition of capitalism, Medicom has released another of their high end sixth scale Star Wars troopers. This time it's the Clone Trooper Captain, from Attack of the Clones. In the films, red is the color assigned to the rank of Captain, although in the games this color is associated with sharpshooters.

This figure was imported and distributed by Sideshow for Medicom, but they only brought in 1000 of the figure. It retails through them at $150 (and is currently available), but you may be able to find a deal on ebay if you're patient.

Packaging - ***
The boxes are quite plain, although the basic design is somewhat dictated by the licensor. Inside, the plastic insert is completely collector friendly, allowing the figure to be removed and replaced with no damage, and no annoying twisties.

Unfortunately, my outer box was pretty well crushed when it got to me, and these packages aren't quite as sturdy as the MIBers will probably like.
Yoda versus the Emperor Palpatine diorama statue by kotobukiya

Clone Trooper Captain Star Wars action figure by Medicom Toys
Clone Trooper Captain Star Wars action figure by Medicom Toys
Clone Trooper Captain Star Wars action figure by Medicom Toys
Clone Trooper Captain Star Wars action figure by Medicom Toys
Clone Trooper Captain Star Wars action figure by Medicom Toys
Clone Trooper Captain Star Wars action figure by Medicom Toys

Sculpting - ***1/2
The troopers from Medicom have all been consistently well done, at least when it comes to sculpt. The armor looks great, the proportions are excellent, and they use the slightly larger RAH body, so they fit in a bit better with the other sixth scale figures in your collection.
After getting the Obi-Wan in Clone Trooper armor though, I have to admit that I prefer the harder plastic that was used on his armor to the softer PVC here. It’s both a visual and tactile preference, too. The tactile is obvious, since the harder plastic feels like actual armor, whereas the softer material is a bit more toy-like. There’s also a visual component, because the softer material has a shinier surface, whereas the harder material has a more flat finish. But comparing the two is sort of like comparing Chicago deep dish pizza to New York style thin crust. You might have a personal preference for one over the other, but they’re still both damn fine tasting pizzas.
The four hand sculpts are the usual – two gripping, two gesturing. The sculpts work fine with the included blaster, and you can find plenty of poses with the gesturing hands that look life-like.
The figure stands great on his own, and there’s no real need to use the included stand unless you’re going for something really funky. As I said, he’s on the slightly taller body, standing almost 12 ” tall.

Paint - ***
My paint score here is a little lower than it has been at times for the Medicom troopers.  This isn’t because of any slop or poor quality, but because I was spoiled by their work on the 501st trooper.
On that figure, we got a very realistic weathered look to the armor. Here, it looks like he just got this off the rack. There isn’t a mark, or a rub, or a scratch anywhere, and the bright red paint is perfect in its finish and color. The brighter, shinier surface of both the plastic and the paint doesn’t help any, either.  Considering this guy’s rank, you’d expect him to see some real action, and at this price point, they really need to add in some level of realistic paint work to simulate wear.

Articulation - ***
The RAH body is one of the best on the market, no doubt about it.  This is also the slightly taller body, so that these troopers can actually fit in with other 'normal' sixth scale figures. 

The armor is fairly restrictive though, particularly in the legs.  You won't get the kind of deep poses you get with a figure like Jango Fett or Wolverine.  The arms aren't quite as restricted, but the armor does limit their ability to bring the elbows close to the torso.

Even with some of the armor restrictions, you can still get plenty of life-like poses, that make sense with this particular character.

Outfit - ***1/2
I’ve already discussed the armor in the sculpt and paint sections, so there’s not much else to say here. If you’ve liked it before, you’ll like it again.  Sure, it restricts a lot of the articulation, but it looks great nonetheless.
There’s also the underlying body suit, which is made from very high quality cloth material.  The thin lines in this suit are actually stitched, a small detail that sets it apart.  That’s the kind of quality and attention to detail that needs to be in every aspect of a figure like this to justify the extreme price point.

Accessories - **
There's not a whole lot here, especially considering the price point and the re-use. We get the same blaster as before, which has the non-working folding stock. It's a nice sculpt, but nothing new. There's also the extra set of hands, again re-used.

There's also the clear display stand that's always included, but you won't be using it with this figure unless you live in an earthquake zone.

Fun Factor - ***
I doubt any 7 year old kids will get to play with this guy, but he's certainly sturdy enough to handle it.  One feature of any great sixth scale figure is that it doesn't forget its roots - they started as the original 'action figure', and should maintain that connection. Companies like Medicom, Hot Toys and Sideshow all manage to keep true to that nostalgia.

Value - *1/2
I have a ton of these Medicom troopers, and I do love them.  But the simple fact is that other companies (most notably Hot Toys and Sideshow) are producing exceptional figures at 2/3rds the price. For Medicom to remain competitive, at least with shared licenses like Star Wars, Indiana Jones or Batman, they are going to have to address the issue of their high price.

Things To Watch Out For
I had no real issues.  Some folks have trouble with RAH bodies and breakage, and I did have to work at the hips a bit to get them free at first, but I didn't have any issues with damage.

Overall - ***
This is a high priced repaint of a figure you probably already own.  Unlike the 501st, whose weathered paint job made the figure worth picking up, this one doesn't have much in the way of additional features to entice the repeat buy.  If you don't have any yet, he's still that same great sculpt and high quality armor...but other companies are doing as good for far less.

For Medicom to remain competitive with the shared licenses - Star Wars, Batman, Indy, etc. - they are going to have to address this price discrepency eventually. Past Medicom Star Wars figures are even getting to be a hard sell (like the Jango who is available for under $100 fairly often), making it pretty clear that the market is reacting to the retail price.

Score Recap:
Packaging - **1/2
Sculpting - ***1/2
Paint - ***
Articulation - ***
Accessories - **
Fun Factor - ***
Value - *1/2
Overall - ***

Where to Buy -
The figure is currently available through Sideshow, who were the exclusive distributor.  Your other choice is to search ebay, and you can do that using the sponsor MyAuctionLinks.

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Clone Trooper Captain Star Wars action figure by Medicom Toys

Figure from the collection of Michael Crawford.

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