The 2013 People's Picks - The Final Ballot!

It's time for the 2013 People's Picks vote.  This process is pretty easy - for each of the categories, simply select your one choice.  Depending on the category, there may be only a few to choose from, or quite a few.  Remember, you only get one ballot for your email, so it's important that you include it. Don't worry - I don't use the email for anything other than ensuring a one vote/one email rule.

Remember that these aren't 'toy' awards, and they aren't 'action figure' awards. They are pop culture collectibles awards. That doesn't mean toys aren't here - lots of us collect toys. But it does mean that being a great toy isn't the first or only aspect that matters.

The Poppies Judges put together the nominees on this ballot over the last couple months, using a lot of email and conversation. We have a very interesting ballot this year, and I think that every category has very strong nominees. Thanks to the judges for all the help!

NOTE: It is no longer necessary to vote in every category. I've included an 'abstain' button for each category which is the default (and very last) radio button. However, I've also provided links for all choices to refresh your memory on each nominee. Read through all the choices in each category before casting your vote, since what I call something might not be what you expected. Thanks!

Let me know if you've got any questions by emailing me.  Thanks once again for your participation!

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Best Overall Company:  We cut this list quite a bit this year. Instead of listing every company out there, we went with those that we felt had enough product and enough activity to warrant inclusion.


Best Overall Line - High End:

Notes - Remember, the links here are just to general examples to remind you of the overall line. The link may not be the best representation or the worst - it's just a way to remind you which line we're talking about so there's no confusion.

Avengers (all licenses) (Hot Toys) Batman Black & White (DC Direct) Batman (all licenses) (Hot Toys) Bishoujo Statues (Kotobukiya)
DC Bombshells (DC Collectibles) DC Comics (Sideshow) Game of Thrones (Valyrian Steel) G.I. Joe (Sideshow)
The Hobbit (Weta) Iron Man 3 (Hot Toys) Marvel (Sideshow) Masterpiece HD (all lines) (Enterbay)
Star Wars (Sideshow) Walking Dead (Gentle Giant) WWRA - World War Robot (threeA) ABSTAIN

Best Overall Line - Low End:

Notes - Remember, the links here are just to general examples to remind you of the overall line. The link may not be the best representation or the worst - it's just a way to remind you which line we're talking about so there's no confusion.

Batman 1966 (Mattel) Batmobiles (Eaglemoss) Captain Action (Round 2) DC/Batman Unlimited (Mattel)
Glyos (Onell Designs) Iron Man 3 Cosbaby (Hot Toys) Justice League (Kotobukiya) Man of Steel Movie Masters (Mattel)
Marvel Select (DST) Marvel Universe (Hasbro) Masters of the Universe Classics (Mattel) Monster High (Mattel)
Munsters (DST) Outer Space Men (Four Horsemen) Pop Vinyl Figures (Funko) Predator(s)/Aliens (NECA)
Star Wars Black Series (Hasbro) Star Wars (Hasbro) TMNT (classic and new) (Playmates) Transformers Generation 3.0 (Hasbro)
Universal Monsters (DST) Venture Brothers(BifBangPow) Walking Dead (McFarlane) Watchmen (Mattel)

Eddie Wires Award for Outstanding Paint

NOTES: Remember, this award is for a collectible that has such amazing paint as to set it apart - something really exceptional.

Batman 1/4 scale (Hot Toys) Carter, Halo (ThreeA) Dutch, Jungle Disguise (NECA)
Iron Man MKVII BD (Hot Toys) Jaina Solo, Bishoujo (Kotobukiya) Joker 2.0 DX11 (Hot Toys)
Judge Dredd (Pop Culture Shock) Sauron Premium Format (Sideshow) Spider-Gremlin (NECA)
Supergirl, DC Bombshells (DC Collectibles) T-800 BD DX13 (Hot Toys) Tonto (NECA)

Best Male Figure 18" and up:

NOTES: This is the category for all the cool quarter scale figures released this year.

Batman DKR (Hot Toys) Batman 1966 (NECA) Batman 1989 (NECA)
Bruce Lee (Enterbay) Captain America (NECA) Endoskeleton (Hot Toys)
Gypsy Danger, Pacific Rim (NECA) Iron Man (NECA) Joker DK (Enterbay)
Predator (NECA) Tonto (NECA) ABSTAIN


Best Male Figure (12" - 17"):

NOTES: Lots of excellent choices this year - be sure to review them all, amd take special note that there are TWO very different Jokers and TWO very different Iron Men in the list.

Bossk HD (Sideshow) C-3PO (Tamashii Nations) Carter, Halo (ThreeA)
Dr. Who 4th Doctor (Big Chief) Iron Man MKVII (Hot Toys) Iron Man MKVII Super Alloy (Play Imaginative)
Joker, DC Comics (Sideshow) Joker 2.0 DX11 (Hot Toys) Morgul Lord (Asmus Toys)
Tony Stark, Workshop (Hot Toys) Snowtrooper (Sideshow) T-800 BD DX13 (Hot Toys)


Best Male Figure (5" - 11"):

Note: Lots of great entries this year, including multiple versions of Batman - pay close attention to each to be sure you're getting your favorite.

Azog, Hobbit (Bridge Direct) Batman 1966 TV (Mattel) Batman, Arkham Origins (DC Collectibles) Batman Dark Knight Returns (Mattel)
Bebop TMNT Classics (Playmates) Boba Fett Star Wars Black (Hasbro) Comedian Watchmen (Mattel) Creature from the Black Lagoon (Mezco)
Cyclops OSM (Four Horsemen) Dutch Jungle Disguise (NECA) Greedo Star Wars Black (Hasbro) Hawkman DCU (Mattel)
Lord Dactus MOTUC (Mattel) Mantenna MOTUC (Mattel) Nightstorm Predator (NECA) Phantom of the Opera (EMCEE)
Raiden MGS Rising (Square Enix) Rhino Marvel Select (DST) Springer (Voyager) Transformers Generations (Hasbro) Tonto (NECA)
Uncle Gilbert (DST) Venom Marvel Select (DST) Wolverine Marvel Select (DST) Xenomorph Warrior Alien (NECA)


Best Male Figure (under 5"):

Abomination, Marvel Universe (Hasbro) Dean Venture (BifBangPow) Gemini, Outer Space Men (Four Horsemen)
Kurse, Thor the Dark World (Hasbro) Lord of War, Weaponeers (SpyMonkey) Mega-Man D-Arts (Bandai)
Merle, Walking Dead (McFarlane) Mo (Medibot) Pablo Jill, Star Wars (Hasbro)
Pit (Figma) Rhino, Marvel Universe (Hasbro) Storm Shadow Ultimate, G.I. Joe Retaliation (Hasbro)
Thor, Thor the Dark World (Hasbro) ABSTAIN


Best Female Figure (over 11"):

Note: While Hot Toys still tends to dominate the releases here, there are a couple very interesting entries from other companies this year that you might not have seen.

Ada Wong, Resident Evil (Hot Toys) Amy Pond, Dr. Who (Big Chief) Black Widow Avengers (Hot Toys)
Boss, Metal Gear Solid (Hot Toys) Catwoman 1966 Batman Barbie (Mattel) Catwoman Salina Kyle DKR (Hot Toys)
Hasuike Sunayuki, Army Attractive (Original Effects) Headless Headmistriss, Monster High (Mattel) Queen of the Constellation Barbit (Mattel)


Best Female Figure (5" - 11"):

Notes: There are fewer nominations in this category this year, but I think there's some extremely good ones.

Batgirl DC Unlimited (Mattel) Carrie (NECA) Catwoman 1966 Batman (Mattel)
Fiora MoS Movie Masters (Mattel) Hit Girl (NECA) Katniss, Catching Fire (NECA)
Lilly Munster (DST) Octavia MOTUC (Mattel) She-Hulk Red Marvel Legends (Hasbro)
Shokoti MOTUC (Mattel) Silk Spectre Watchmen  (Mattel) Wonder Woman DC Unlimited (Mattel)


Best Female Figure (under 5"):

Andrea, Walking Dead (McFarlane Toys) Black Widow, Avengers Assemble (Hasbro) Dr. Girlfriend, Venture Brothers (BifBangPow)
Michonne, Walking Dead (McFarlane Toys) Nightmare Moon, My Little Pony (Hasbro) Padme Amidala, Star Wars Black (Hasbro)
Saber, Cu-Poche (Kotobukiya) Terra Firma OSM (Four Horsemen) ABSTAIN


Best Buld a Figure/Collect and Connect (any size or type):

Note: This category was almost dropped for this year because there weren't a ton of possible nominees, but because there were two or three that at least deserved attention, we kept it in.

Hawkeye costume, Captain Action (Round2) Hit Monkey, Marvel Legends (Hasbro) Iron Monger, Marvel Legends (Hasbro)
Rocket Raccoon Marvel Legends (Hasbro) Stairs/Spot, Munsters (DST) ABSTAIN


Best Vehicle or Playset:

Note: There's three different Batmobiles here, so pay extra attention to the entries to avoid confusion. I also included the Shellraiser, atlhough I think it was technically a 2012 release. It was somehow left off last year's ballot though, and as it's still in stores I wanted it to get recognition.

Batcave (Imaginext) Batmobile 1966 TV (Mattel) Batmobile 1989 (Hot Toys)
Batmobile BTAS (Eaglemoss) Castle Grayskull MOTC (Mattel) Heavy Repeating Blaster, Star Wars (Sideshow)
Iron Man Hall of Armor (Hot Toys) Klingon Bird of Prey Electronic (DST) Predator Trophy Wall (NECA)
Sentinel (True Heroes) Shellraiser TMNT (Playmates) ABSTAIN


Best Statue:

Baroness Crimson Strike PF (Sideshow) Batman Black/White Allred version (DC Collectibles) Darth Maul Mecha Legs (Gentle Giant)
Galactus (Sideshow) Jaina Solo, Bishoujo (Kotobukiya) Joker, Killing Joke (Kotobukiya)
Judge Dredd (Pop Culture Shock) Magneto, Action (Bowen) Obi-Wan Kenobi, Mythos (Sideshow)
Poison Ivy PF (Sideshow) Reaper, Death's General (Sideshow) Sauron PF (Sidehow)
Scarlett Witch exclusive (Bowen) Shaak Ti PF (Sideshow) Supergirl DC Bombshells (DC Collectibles)
Thranduil (Weta) Whisper, Honey Trap (Gentle Giant) ABSTAIN


Best Bust:

Note: there's a ton of Iron Men busts here - check out each link to make sure you're picking your favorite. Also, while I think Eternity started shipping in 2012, I don't think it was widely available til early 2013.

Ackbar Magnitude (Gentle Giant) Deadpool (Gentle Giant) Eternity (Bowen)
Galactus (Gentle Giant) Groot (Bowen) Hawkeye (Gentle Giant)
Iron Man MKVII (Gentle Giant) Iron Man MKVII (Hot Toys) Iron Man MKXLII (Hot Toys)
Iron Patriot (Hot Toys) Michonne, Walking Dead (Gentle Giant) Spider-Ham (Gentle Giant)
Sub-Zero Life Size (Pop Culture Shock) War Machine (Hot Toys) ABSTAIN


Best Designer/Vinyl:

Awesome Bear (Philip Lumbaug) Benson, Regular Show (Funko) Iron Man 3 Cosbaby (Hot Toys)
Keep Watch Labbit (Kidrobot) Monsters Univeristy Cosbaby (Hot Toys) Monsters University Mike, Sully, Archie deluxe set (Hot Toys)
Mordles (Toyfinity) Mouseketeer Army (3D Bob) Muckey (Instinctoy)
Roboforce (Toyfinity) Venom Labbit (Kid Robot) Vision, Marvel (Disney Vinylmation)
Walking Dud (TrueCast Studio) ABSTAIN


Best Prop Replica:

Batarang Arkham City (Triforce) Betsy Ross, Kick Ass 2 (NECA) Captain Jack's Blaster (Rubbertoe)
Cat's Paw Blade, Game of Thrones (Valyrian Steel) Doomhammer, WoW (Epic Weapons) Ecto Goggles, Ghostbusters (Mattel)
Green Lantern Power Battery and Ring (DC Collectibles) Judge Dredd Lawgiver (Planet Replicas) Klingon Disruptor (DST)
Lost in Space Blaster (Sci-fi Metropolis) Mass Effect Geth Pulse Rifle (Triforce) Moonraker Laser (Factory Entertainment)
Neutrino Wand Ghostbusters (Mattel) Sonic Screwdriver 10th Dr. Who (Wand Company) Tauriel's Daggers (Weta)
Total Recall Blaster (HCG) Utility Belt/Batarang 1966 Batman (Mattel) ABSTAIN


Best Block Figures/Building Set Figures:

Be@rbricks (Medicom) Charactoer Building (Character Options) Kre-O (Hasbro)
Kubricks (Medicom) LEGO (LEGO) Mega Bloks (MEGA)
Mez-itz (Mezco) Minimates (DST) Playmobil (Playmobil)
Qee (Toy2R) Tenkai Knights (Spinmaster) Trio (Fischer Price)


Best Misc:

Batman Chess Set (Eaglemoss) Boba Fett mini inside Holiday Yoda (Gentle Giant) Captain Action Costumes (Round 2)
Darth Vader 31" (Jakks) Mecha Godzilla Type 3 (S.H. Monsterarts) Metroplex Transformers (Hasbro)
Minion Dave Electronic (Thinkway) Monster High (Mattel) My 3D Twin
Universal Monsters Banks (DST) Walking Dead Blu-Ray fFlating Heads Case (McFarlane) Xenomorph Electronic (NECA)
Zombie Zity (Prima Toys) ABSTAIN

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