The 2012 People's Picks - The Final Ballot!

It's time for the 2013 People's Picks vote.  This process is pretty easy - for each of the categories, simply select your one choice.  Depending on the category, there may be only a few to choose from, or quite a few.  Remember, you only get one ballot for your email, so it's important that you include it. Don't worry - I don't use the email for anything other than ensuring a one vote/one email rule.

Remember that these aren't 'toy' awards, and they aren't 'action figure' awards. They are pop culture collectibles awards. That doesn't mean toys aren't here - lots of us collect toys. But it does mean that being a great toy isn't the first or only aspect that matters.

The Poppies Judges put together the nominees on this ballot over the last couple months, using a lot of email and conversation. We have a very interesting ballot this year, and I think that every category has very strong nominees. Thanks to the judges for all the help!

NOTE: It is no longer necessary to vote in every category. I've included an 'abstain' button for each category which is the default (and very last) radio button. However, I've also provided links for all choices to refresh your memory on each nominee. Read through all the choices in each category before casting your vote, since what I call something might not be what you expected. Thanks!

Let me know if you've got any questions by emailing me.  Thanks once again for your participation!

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Best Overall Company:  We cut this list quite a bit this year. Instead of listing every company out there, we went with those that we felt had enough product and enough activity to warrant inclusion.


Best Overall Line - High End:

Notes - Remember, the links here are just to general examples to remind you of the overall line. The link may not be the best representation or the worst - it's just a way to remind you which line we're talking about so there's no confusion.

Avengers (all licenses) (Hot Toys) Batman Black & White (DC Direct) Batman (all licenses) (Hot Toys) Bishoujo Statues (Kotobukiya)
Classic Heroes Collection (Electric Tiki) G.I. Joe (Sideshow) Hobbit (Weta) Lord of the Rings (Sideshow)
Masterpiece HD (all lines) (Enterbay) Star Trek (QMx) Star Wars (Gentle Giant) Star Wars (Sideshow)
Sucker Punch (Gentle Giant) WWRA - World War Robot (threeA) ABSTAIN

Best Overall Line - Low End:

Notes - Remember, the links here are just to general examples to remind you of the overall line. The link may not be the best representation or the worst - it's just a way to remind you which line we're talking about so there's no confusion.

Amazing Spider-man (Hasbro) Avengers (Hasbro) Captain Action (Round 2) Dark Knight Rises Movie Masters (Mattel)
Glyos (Onell Designs) Halo 4 (McFarlane) Hobbit (Bridge Direct) Hunger Games (NECA)
Marvel Select (DST) Marvel Universe (Hasbro) Masters of the Universe Classics (Mattel) Monster High (Mattel)
Outer Space Men (Four Horsemen) Pop Vinyl Figures (Funko) Predator(s) (NECA) Star Wars (Hasbro)
TMNT (classic and new) (Playmates) Transformers (Hasbro) Universal Monsters (DST) Venture Brothers(BifBangPow)

The Eddie Wires Award for Outstanding Achievement in Paint

NOTES: The winner of this category should be a  collectible that, through the application of paint, stands out from the rest. The key here is that the paint itself should be what truly sets this item apart from the competition.

Balin statue (Weta) Beast, Disney (Grand Jester) Boromir statue (Sideshow)
City Hunter Predator (Hot Toys) Draego-Man MOTUC (Mattel) Garrus, Mass Effect 3 (Big Fish Toys)
Gollum (NECA) Gordon Freeman, Half Life 2 (NECA) Henrietta Evil Dead 2 (NECA)
IG-88 (Sideshow) Iron Man MK1 v2 (Hot Toys) Joker Masterpiece HD (Enterbay)
Killer Croc (DC Collectiles) Lizard (DST) Lost Predator (NECA)
Mr. Freeze (DC Collectiles) Nicholson Joker (Hot Toys) Samurai Predator (Hot Toys)
Watto (Gentle Giant) ABSTAIN


Best Male Figure (12" - 18"):

NOTES: It looks like quarter scale figures are back with a vengeance!

Batman Begins Masterpiece HD (Enterbay) Batman, Keaton (Hot Toys) Battle Droids (Sideshow)
Boba Fett (Sideshow) Che Guevara (Enterbay) Darkseid, New 52 (DC Collectibles)
Dr. Who (Big Chief) IG-88 (Sideshow) Iron Monger (Hot Toys)
Joker, Nicholson (Hot Toys) Luke Skywalker, Bespin (Hot Toys) Metal Gear Rex (ThreeA)
Mumm-ra, Mega (Mezco) Predator, Classic (Hot Toys) Samurai Predator (Hot Toys)
Scarface (Enterbay) Spartan Halo Red (Square Enix) T-800, DX10 (Hot Toys)
Zartan, G.I. Joe (Sideshow) Zorro (Triad Toys) ABSTAIN


Best Male Figure (5" - 11"):

Note: Please note that both the new TMNT Michelangelo and the classics TMNT Michelangelo are on the list!

Archangel, Uncanny X-men (Hasbro) Bane Movie Masters (Mattel) Bigfoot, Six Million Dollar Man (BifBangPow) Bilbo, The Hobbit (Bridge Direct)
Captain Picard (Emce) Creature From The Black Lagoon (Emce) Draego-man, MOTUC (Mattel) Earthworm Jim (Mezco)
Fisto, MOTUC (Mattel) Frankenstein (Mezco) Green Hornet (Factory Entertainment) Hulk, Avengers, Marvel Select (DST)
Lost Predator (NECA) Metaluna Mutant (DST) Michelangelo TMNT (Playmates) Michelangelo TMNT Classics (Playmates)
Phantom Gremlin (NECA) Promotheus Engineer Chair Suit (NECA) Sinestro, DCUC (Mattel) Spacegodzilla (SHMA)
Super Robot Chogokin Megazord (Bandai) Transformers Masterpiece Prime (Hasbro) Trunks, SH Figurearts (Bandai Japan) Tychus Findley, Starcraft II (DC Collectibles)
US Agent, Marvel Legends (Hasbro) ABSTAIN


Best Male Figure (under 5"):

Beta Ray Bill, Marvel Universe (Hasbro) Bolg, The Hobbit (Bridge Direct) Brock Samson (BifBangPow)
Cobra Commander, G.I. Joe Retailiation (Hasbro) Darth Malgus, Vintage Collection Star Wars (Hasbro) Darth Vader Emperor's Wrath Vintage Collection (Hasbro)
Mystron, Outer Space Men (Four Horsemen) Secret Squirrel (Jazwares) Skrull Soldier, Avengers (Hasbro)
Spider-man, Super Poseable (Hasbro) Thorin Oakenshield, Hobbit (Bridge Direct) Umbreua (Spy Monkey)
Zartan, G.I. Joe Retaliation (Hasbro) ABSTAIN


Best Female Figure (over 11"):

Note: You'll notice that the judges have expanded this a bit this year, adding in some very cool figures that might be considered dolls, but that we felt deserved the 'pop culture collectible' label.

Alice, Resident Evil Afterlife (Hot Toys) Amber, Sucker Punch (Hot Toys) Angelica (Hot Toys)
Baby Doll, Sucker Punch (Hot Toys) Cruella DeVille (Disney) Empress of the Aliens, Barbie (Mattel)
Hollywood Jem, SDCC exclusive (Integrity Toys) Ma Gothel, Tangled (Disney) Rebecca Steam, Monster High (Mattel)
Supreme NOM Commander (ThreeA) ABSTAIN


Best Female Figure (5" - 11"):

April O'Neil (Playmates) Bride of Frankenstein (EMCE) Catwoman, Movie Masters (Mattel)
Cortana, Halo 4 (McFarlane Toys) Dove, DCUC (Mattel) Henrietta, Evil Dead 2 (NECA)
Hope Summers, Marvel Legends (Hasbro) Katniss, Hunger Games (NECA) Madam Masque, Marvel Legends (Hasbro)
Marilyn Munster (DST) Other M Samus Aran  (Figma) Rue, Hunger Games (NECA)
Sorceress MOTUC (Mattel) Tinker Bell, Disney Fairies (Jakks) Vanellope Von Scheetz (ThinkWay)


Best Female Figure (under 5"):

Ashoka, Vintage Collectiono Star Wars (Hasbro) Daina, G.I. Joe Convention Set (Hasbro) Grapple Blast Black Widow, Avengers (Hasbro)
Kim Arashikage, G.I. Joe Retaliation (Hasbro) Night Sister, Star Wars (Hasbro) Princess Cadance, My Little Pony (Hasbro)
Rosie, Jetsons (Jazwares) She Hulk, Marvel Universe (Hasbro) Tauriel, The Hobbit (Bridge Direct)
Vanellope Von Schweetz (Thinkway) ABSTAIN


Best Buld a Figure/Collect and Connect (any size or type):

Note: Voltron is a stretch for this category, but it seemed to the judges to be the best place to put it.

Arnim Zola Marvel Legends (Hasbro) Bat Signal, Movie Masters (Mattel) Hawkeye Costume, Captain Action (Round 2)
Nekron, DCUC (Mattel) Terrax (Hasbro) United Nations Space Command Insignia, Halo (McFarlane)
Voltron (Mattel) ABSTAIN


Best Vehicle or Playset:


Batjet, DKR (Hasbro) Batwing, HeroWorld (Fisher-Price) Boonetown Triarama (Triad Toys)
High School, Monster High (Mattel) Iron Man Suit Up Gantry (Hot Toys) KITT Knight Rider (DST)
Manta Raider (Rudy Obrero) MTT, Star Wars (Hasbro) ODST Drop Pod, Halo 4 (McFarlane)
Pantheon Triarama (Triad Toys) Pizza Planet, Toy Story (ImagiNEXT) Quinjet, Avengers, Costco exclusive (Hasbro)
Sam Flynn Lightcycle, Tron (Hot Toys) Sewer Lair Playset (Playmates) S.T.A.P. (and Battle Droid) (Sideshow)
Tanis Map Room, Indiana Jones (Sideshow) Tumbler, DKR, Mez-itz (Mezco) Voltron Black Lion (Mattel)


Best Statue:

Balin, Hobbit (Weta) Baroness PF (Sideshow) Batman Black Costume Variant (Kotobukiya)
Batman, Jock version, Batman B&W (DC Collectibles) Blondie, Sucker Punch (Gentle Giant) Boromir (Sideshow)
Claudia, Warehouse 13 (Qmx) Darkchylde,Femme Fatales (DST) Doc Savage (Electric Tiki)
Dutch PF (Sideshow) Han in Carbonite PF (Sidehow) Huntress, Bishoujo (Kotobukiya)
Inara, Little Damn Heroes (Qmx) Joker PF (Sideshow) Lightning Gremlin (NECA)
Miko Hatsune, Love is War DX (Good Smile) Mumm-ra (Pop Culture Shock) Poison Ivy, Bishoujo (Kotobukiya)
Raven, Cover Girls (DC Collectibles) Serenity, Little Damn Heroes (Qmx) Star Trek Enterprise D (Qmx)
Thor, Spinning Hammer (Bowen) Tron (Electric Tiki) ABSTAIN


Best Bust:

Admiral Motti (Gentle Giant) Amazing Spider-Man(DST) Beast, Disney (Grand Jester)
Cruella DeVille (Grand Jester) Frankenstein (Factory Entertainment) Gambit, Legendary Scale (Sideshow)
Maestro (Bowen) Sonny, I, Robot Life Size (Sony) Swamp Thing (DC Collectibles)
Thorin, Hobbit (Gentle Giant) Throg (Gentle Giant) Watto (Gentle Giant)


Best Designer/Vinyl:

Apextaobao Armorvor, Glyos (Onell Design) Batman Cosbaby (Hot Toys)
Crazy Children King (Michael Lau) Deadbeet (Scott Tolleson) Debris Japan (Restore)
Elder Scrolls Dragonborn (Symbiote Studios) Ice Scream Man (Bruthorford) Kosplay (Ajee)
Matt Groening (Kidrobot) Nightmare Bed Monster (Amanda Visell) Toy Story Series 2 Cosbaby (Hot Toys)
Wall-E (Funko) ABSTAIN


Best Prop Replica:

Agent Coulson's Captain America Cards (eFX) Argus Cube (Qmx) Darth Vader ANH Helmet (eFX)
Hand of the King Pin (Dark Horse) Key to Erebor (Weta) Knife of Fili, The Hobbit (Weta)
Men in Black Neurolizer (Factory Entertainment) Mystic Seer (BifBangPow) Portal Gun (NECA)
Reynold's Pistol, Metal Version (Qmx) Sonic Screwdriver, 11th Dr. Who (QMx) Tesla, Warehouse 13 (QMx)


Best Block Figures/Building Set Figures:

Be@rbricks (Medicom) Charactoer Building (Character Options) Kre-O (Hasbro)
Kubricks (Medicom) LEGO (LEGO) Mega Bloks (MEGA)
Mez-itz (Mezco) Minimates (DST) Playmobil (Playmobil)
Qee (Toy2R) Trio (Fischer Price) ABSTAIN


Best Misc:

3D Laser Cut Models (Metal Earth) Armory sets (Spy Monkey) Monster High (Mattel)
Predasaurs Skylanders (Activision) S.L.U.G Zombies (JAKKS)
Squinkies Star Trek Enterprise D Key Chain (Qmx) Thor's Hammer bottle opener (DST)
Transformer's Bot Shots (Hasbro) Walking Dead Blu-Ray Head Case (McFarlane) ABSTAIN

Please include any additional comments or suggestions:

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