Mezco 12" Friday the 13th Part VII

Friday the 13th Part VII Jason action figure

We've certainly gotten our fair share of Jason figures over the years, including those in sixth scale. But now Mezco is producing something slightly different, with their 12" realistic style Jason having a completely sculpted body but a cloth tattered shirt. This Jason happens to be from part VII, which I can recap for you pretty quickly.

Jason wanders around Camp Crystal Lake killing a bunch of teenagers who are too busy having sex to realize they are in trouble.

Okay, so that's not actually the plot, but it's close. In fact, this one was a bit different than the others, complete with a chick with telekinetic powers that accidentaly frees Jason to kill teenagers who are too busy having sex to realize they are in trouble.

Fan favorite Kane Hodder played Jason in this movie for the first time, and the original cut of the film was so bloody it was threatened with a X rating.  They trimmed it down to get an R, but you can see many of the cut scenes on the DVD boxed set version.

Mezco's part VII Jason hasn't quite hit stores yet that I know of, so this is a bit of an early review.  However, I'd expect him on the shelf within the next week or two, just in time for the Halloween season. Expect to pay around $35 - $40, depending on the retailer, and as always, I have some excellent suggestions on where to buy at the end of the review.

Packaging - ***
As you know, I like boxes.  I'm not a big fan of the hanger card at the top though, since they tend to get bent all to Hell either on the shelf or in storage.

The package isn't quite collector friendly either, since the bags holding the accessories are taped against the internal cardboard tray, and you'll have to damage it to remove them.  There's also a few of those annoying twisties.

But the graphics and text are good, and the window shows off the figure well without making the package too weak and flimsy.

Friday the 13th Part VII Jason action figure

Friday the 13th Part VII Jason action figure
Friday the 13th Part VII Jason action figure
Friday the 13th Part VII Jason action figure
Friday the 13th Part VII Jason action figure accessories
Friday the 13th Part VII Jason action figure
Friday the 13th Part VII Jason action figure

Sculpting - ****
If you're Jason, by the time you've hit your sixth sequel, you start looking a tad rough around the edges. He wasn't exactly a prize when he was alive, but make him immortal, not particularly concerned about his appearance, AND have every Jane and Joe hitting him with garden weasels, and you end up with a pretty crusty hunk of mangled meat.

The mask is removable, and underneath is an excellent head sculpt. The flesh still hangs to the bone in most places, but it's rotted and heavily damaged by all the abuse heaped upon him by his many victims.

The body has plenty of damage as well, and there are exposed bones, sinew, and muscle across the torso, arms and hands. The sculpt is very realistic, and has a tremendous amount of detail.

With his shirt being actual cloth, and his pants being sculpted, there was the potential to have a visual conflict between the two.  They managed to pull it off though, making the two blend together pretty well.

Paint - ***1/2
Even a great sculpt can be ruined by cheap, poorly applied paint. Thankfully, that's not the situation.

The underlying bone is given a dark tan color, rather than a too white bleached looked.  The rotting flesh is all kinds of ick with a nice variety of browns, reds and grays, and there's even a nice amount of black to give him that extra putrid look.

Articulation- **1/2
Unlike the usual sixth scale figure, this guy is a rotocast plastic body. That means less articulation than some folks will be accustomed to, but Mezco did put in some very useful joints.

Take the ball jointed neck. It works extremely well and really adds some posing potential to the overall figure.

There's also ball jointed shoulders, jointed only at the torso, as well as cut elbows and wrists.  There's ab crunch and cut waist joints, both of which you'll need to get him to remain standing for the long haul. And he has cut ankles, but these only turn slightly.

The arms and head are where you'll do most of the posing, and you can get some very menacing looks out of the limited articulation. There's not much you'll be doing from the waist down, and that's where some additional articulation would have really helped.  I had a tough time getting him to stand in any pose for a long period, as he tends to topple forward, so you'll need to used the limited articulation to find the sweet spot.

Accessories - ***
Jason loves to use the old farm implements on those wacky kids, and this version comes with three.  There's a sickle, ax and machete.  One of the deleted scenes involved the sickle, and the other two weapons were stand by's for the big goof.

These all fit well enough in his right hand, although you might want to soften it up a bit with some hot water to get the best fit. He can also hold a couple of them in his left hand, but it's really sculpted for more of a threatening pose.

All three weapons have blood liberally applied, so you won't have to supply your own.

His regular hockey mask is removable, and he also comes with a second mask that is split down the center.  This happens in a pivotal scene when the telekinisis chick is battling him, crushing his head with her power, and the mask splits right in two, revealing his butt ugly face. It's a nice addition, although I suspect it's not a mask most folks will use on his head in their display.

There's no display stand, and this is a figure that can give you some trouble standing. You'll have to work with him to find that sweet spot.

Outfit - ***
There's not a lot of costume here that's not sculpted, but what is here I really like.

There's his shirt, which at this point in the films has gotten pretty bedraggled. They've made one of the best torn up, worn out, ripped apart shirts I've ever seen. It's not a little worn - it's beat to crap.

The damage looks very realistic too, with lots of frayed edges and large tears. There's also a nice dirty, grungy discoloration to it. This damage allows the cool sculpting on the torso to show through nicely, and gives a realism to an otherwise all plastic sculpt.

Now, there's a couple minor scale issues. The buttons are a bit big, as is the collar, but both of these are fairly minor problems.

There is one other item that I'll also call part of his outfit - the chain. It's real metal of course, and wraps around his neck. This is the chain that our telekinetic friend breaks, allowing him to go free.

Fun Factor - ***
If your kids are into Jason, I'd make it a habit of locking the bedroom door at night.

This is one gruesome figure, but then I remember having some fairly gruesome monsters when I was a tweener too. Something about monsters and that age between 10 and 13. Maybe they're looking for role models for their teen years.

Value - **1/2
Assume you pay around $35 (although I have some sponsors offering it as cheap as $32), which is slightly more than something like the all plastic 12" Halo, but slightly less than a clothed 12" horror figure from Amok Time. To me, that seems about right. That means of course that the score here is neutral in its effect on my overall.

Things To Watch Out For
Not a thing. While you could certainly remove the tattered clothes, I'm not sure I'd recommend it, as damaging them further would be pretty easy.

Overall - ***1/2
When Mezco first started doing figures based on these eighties films, many folks wondered if it was really necessary. Between Sideshow, McFarlane and NECA, didn't we already have enough Freddy's, Jason's and Leatherface's?

But Mezco has managed to bring some new features to the figures, and fans of the films should give this guy a particularly close look. At this price point, he makes a terrific Halloween decoration, but won't break your budget.

Score Recap:
Packaging - ***
Sculpting - ****
Paint - ***1/2
Articulation - **1/2
Accessories - ***
Fun Factor - ***
Value - **1/2
Overall - ***1/2

Where to Buy -
If you're lucky enough to still have a good Hot Topic or Spencer's around, you might find him there.  Otherwise, your best bet is online:

- CornerStoreComics has him at just $32.

- Time and Space Toys has him for just $33.

- Urban Collector has him for $35.

- YouBuyNow has him for pre-order at $38.

- Entertainment Earth has him for $40.

- or you can search ebay using the sponsor

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Friday the 13th Part VII Jason action figure

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