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The Top Ten 'Remake Required' Sixth Scale Action Figures

Date Published: 2017-06-14
Written By: Michael Crawford

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Hot Toys Watchmen Silk Spectre action figure

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This was a tricky list to name.  It's easy to understand - these are figures that were made by some company in the past, but you really want to see someone remake with modern methods. It's an easy concept, but not something that has a clear one or two word description, hence my clunky 'remake required'.

I'm sticking with sixth scale here, and I'm avoiding anything we know is already in the works from someone. That leaves out things like the X-Files Mulder, Lost in Space John Robinson, and the Ghostbusters. What with the sheer number of companies out there right now and the regular announcement of new licenses and figures that might not arrive for several years, I might have something on this list that someone has actually said they are working on, but I did my best to avoid it.

I also stuck with specific figures, although often I'd want those specific figures to be part of a much needed make over of an entire license.

I didn't worry about whether the figure or line was a good idea, profit- wise.  Hey, these aren't new licenses, they've been done before, so the risk is lower, or the theory goes. Isn't that part of the reason Hollywood dips back into the well so often? I do point out cases where secondary market prices are very high right now for the original, less than stellar versions, a good indication of current demand.

And yes, Silk Spectre was on the short list, but to be honest...she's not THAT bad.

Let's rock and roll!

10 - Connor MacCleod, Highlander, Sideshow, 2005
The Highlander was one of Sideshow's early successes, a figure collectors really loved. We didn't get a ton of figures though - I only remember five distinct (not exclusive) versions: two of Connor, two of Duncan, and Kurgan. Connor was the star of many reviews for several years, as I used him as a scale comparison with other figures, but he was also always a favorite. He hasn't aged well though, and an updated, modern release would be an immediate buy for me.

Some of these were produced in very low numbers, even for back then, so it's a bit surprising that they aren't more expensive on the secondary market.

Sideshow Snowtrooper action figure

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9 - Jeepers Creepers, Majestic Studios, 2003
Back in the early aughts, Majestic Studios was doing some very interesting horror stuff. They did the terrific Fly from the Return of the Fly, the evil Zuni Warrior prop replica, and even Barnabas Collins (who almost made this list himself). But the one that disappointed was Jeepers Creepers, a modern monster that deserves a second go around. The secondary market prices have actually risen more than I expected on this guy, potentially indicating a remake would be a wise decision.

Jeepers Creepers sixth scale action figures

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8 - Trinity, Medicom, 2005
I swear someone is doing a new Neo...I swear it. But I can't remember who, and I can't seem to find any info...perhaps I'm merely hallucinating. Either way, everyone would like a new one of course, but it's Trinity that I'm really missing. You'll notice that Scully is not on my list, and that's because ThreeZero is doing a Mulder. No way, no how, are they going to do a Mulder and not do a Scully. It's simply unimaginable. But if we get a Neo, poor Trinity could be left out. It's possible. And I'd be very sad. I love the character, I love the costume, and the old version just ain't cutting it.

Trinity Medicom Matrix action figure

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7 - Edward Scissorhands, Hot Toys, 2009
In Hot Toys early days of licensed figures, they would occasionally produce a figure where they had the license for the brand, but not the actor. One of the best examples is Edward Scissorhands, who couldn't look less like Johnny Depp if they tried. It was a little odd, since they'd already done the more accurate Jack Sparrow and would go on to do other excellent Depp likenesses with Sweeney Todd and Ichabod Crane. We desperately need a new Ed, this time at the level of quality of the more modern releases. His secondary market price has also shot up, indicating a very real demand for the character.

And while you're at it, give us a Vincent Price Inventor as well.

Hot Toys Edward Scissorhands action figure

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6 - Planet of the Apes Taylor, Sideshow, 2004
We've gotten updates on the apes from Hot Toys, although I'd sure like more.  Zira, Cornelius, and others would be nice. But if I'm just picking one, then I really want a Hot Toys quality Taylor to go with the three apes they released a number of years ago. Sideshow gave us a bunch of Taylors, but let's be honest - they don't hold a candle to modern standards.

Sideshow Planet of the Apes Taylor action figure

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5 - Dutch, Predator, Hot Toys, 2009
Hot Toys has done some terrific Arnie characters over the years, but I think their work on the various Terminators is the strongest.  At the beginning of their work on the Predator license, they produced a Dutch, and he was great - for 8 years ago. I think they could crush the character now, given the advancements in head sculpt and production paint, and it appears the demand is there.

Hot Toys Predator Dutch action figure

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4 - Spawn, Medicom, 2007
I've never been a huge fan of Medicom in general. The smaller bodies was an immediate turn off, and while the quality could be quite high, the prices were as well.  I'm also not a fan of the stylized look of the human characters.

I did love their Spawn however, perhaps because it was the only real option we got. Over time the appeal has wore off for me, due in large part to the heavy material used for the cape. He's not as posable as a sixth scale superhero should be, and I think modern manufacturing techniques would allow someone to produce a much better figure now. With the big push we see MacFarlane making into the market again in the 7" scale, perhaps he might be willing to license out his baby to one of the top end sixth scale manufacturers again?

Medicom Spawn action figure

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3 - Davy Jones, Hot Toys, 2008
There are two great travesties surrounding the Hot Toys Jack Sparrow line. First and foremost is the lack of a Barbossa. C'mon!  The guy steals every scene he's in! Perhaps with them producing figures based the latest film we'll finally get a version, but I'd like it to be an earlier version, please.

The second travesty is Davy Jones, easily the coolest looking villain in the entire series. Hot Toys did a great job on the sculpt and paint, and I'd be lying if I said it wasn't a nice's simply too damn short. We need an updated version properly scaled to the other characters. And, slight spoiler warning if you haven't watched the new film, perhaps we'll see Davy again on the big screen, giving Hot Toys the perfect excuse. This is another figure where secondary market demand is definitely there.

Hot Toys Davy Jones sixth scale action figure

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2 - Buffy/Angel, Sideshow, 2001
Buffy the Vampire Slayer is 25 years old now - it's hard to believe.  I'm combining both Buffy and Angel here because, well, it just seems the right thing to do. Sideshow did a pretty admirable job with the licenses back in the day, but we really, really need an update. I doubt any modern company will go as deep as Sideshow did - Hell, we got Lorne in a pale yellow suit - but a fresh version of Buffy and Angel at least would certainly be welcome.

Sideshow buffy action figure

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1 - Colonial Marines, Aliens, Hot Toys, 2007
It's been a long time since these guys were first produced by Hot Toys. Since then, we've gotten lots of great Alien figures from them, but without a couple Marines to kick ass, the display just isn't right.  The portraits on the originals are weak, and with current quality standards, they could crush a set of these characters. I never did buy Vasquez either, making it a great opportunity not only to upgrade but complete the set.

Aliens Hudson Sideshow action figure

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As I was considering the various potential figures for this list, a completely separate thought hit me - companies just don't go as deep as they used to with licenses. Think about Sideshow's lines like Buffy, Universal Monsters, X-Files, etc. Do you think anyone would produce a similar number of characters these days? Even Hot Toys went deep into the roster with their early licenses, like Pirates of the Caribbean, Predator, and Batman Begins. Sure, they still go nuts with the releases for Marvel and Star Wars, but do you really think we'll get much of anything other than Jack Sparrow for the new movie? I like to hope, but I don't expect. And that's kinda depressing for a collector like me, who appreciates having a wide range of B-list characters on the shelf. Thank goodness for the little guys like Star Ace (who have given us a ton of good characters for Harry Potter) and Asmus (who look like they'll finally get us to a complete Fellowship).

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