The 2010 People's Picks!

Hello readers!  It's time for the 2010 People's Picks voting, your chance to let the industry know what you loved from the last year. At this very same time, judges from the industry are voting on this exact same ballot for the Poppies, giving us a direct comparison between what they love and what you love. We've added some new categories this year as well!

Voting starts January 5th and will run two weeks, until January 17th. Vote early!

NOTE: PLEASE VOTE IN EVERY CATEGORY! I know that some of you won't be as familiar with some areas, but that's what the links are there for, and I made sure every entry has a decent link. It helps to make the process more complete. Also, read through all the choices in each category before casting your vote. I did my best to put things in alphabetical order, but an entry might not be right where you think it should be, so reading the entire selection for each category is important. Thanks!

BTW, I'm not doing anything with your emal (you won't end up on any lists any where), I'm just using it to ensure you vote only once for each email provided. If you don't provide one, your vote won't count.

Let me know if you've got any questions by emailing me. Thanks once again for your participation! 


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Best Overall Company: 


Best Overall Line - High End:

Notes - Please keep in mind that I've split this category in two this year - High End and Low End. Also, pay attention to the manufacturer, as some licenses were covered by more than one.

Batman Black & White (DC Direct) Cover Girls of the DCUC (DC Direct) DC Deluxe (13 " - DC Direct) Dinosauria (Sideshow) 
Evangelion (Medicom) G.I. Joe (Sideshow) Iron Man 2 (Hot Toys) Marvel Comiquette (Sideshow)
Michael Jackson (Hot Toys) Predators (Hot Toys) Resident Evil 5 (Hot Toys) Star Wars (Sideshow)
Star Wars Jumbo Vintage (Gentle Giant) Terminator 2 (Hot Toys) WWRA - World War Robot (threeA)

Best Overall Line - Low End:

Notes - Remember, the links here are just to general examples to remind you of the overall line. The link may not be the best representation or the worst - it's just a way to remind you which line we're talking about so there's no confusion.

Batman Brave & the Bold (Mattel) Bioshock 2 (NECA) Blackest Night (DC Direct) DC Universe Classics (Mattel)
Dexter (Bif Bang Pow) Dr. Who (Character Options/ Underground Toys) Ghostbusters (Mattel) G.I. Joe (Hasbro)
Halo (McFarlane) Iron Man 2 (Hasbro Marvel Universe (Hasbro) Masters of the Universe Classics (Mattel)
Playmakers (Mcfarlane) Retro Action DC Universe (Mattel) SportsPicks (McFarlane) Star Wars (Hasbro)
Superhero Squad (Hasbro) Toy Story Collection (Thinkway) Toy Story 3 (Mattel) Transformers (Hasbro)
Tron (Spinmaster) UFC (JAKKS) Venture Brothers (Bif Bang Pow) WWE (Mattel)

The Eddie Wires Award for Outstanding Achievement in Paint

NOTES: This is a new award this year, dedicated to the memory of Eddie Wires, a truly amazing talent and wonderful person. The winner of this category is a collectible that, through the application of paint, stands out from the rest. The key here is that the paint itself should be what truly sets this item apart from the competition.

Aldo Raine (Hot Toys) Berserker Predator (Hot Toys) Bruce Lee 1/4 scale (Enterbay)
Dropcloth WWRP (threeA) Iron Man Mark IV (Hot Toys) Kreacher (Gentle Giant)
Medic Bertie WWRA (threeA) Michael Jackson Bad (Hot Toys) Phoenix - Marvel Bishoujo (Kotobukiya)
Silver Surfer Comiquette (Sideshow) World War Hulk MU (Hasbro) Yoda vs Clonetrooper PF (Sideshow)


Best Male Figure (12" - 18"):

NOTES: Nominations are from many different styles and licenses - there's some really amazing work in this scale these days. Please review carefully when deciding!

Adrian Peterson (McFarlane) Aldo Raine (Hot Toys) Beachhead G.I. Joe (Sideshow)
Boba Fett Jumbo Vintage (Gentle Giant) Dropcloth WWRA (threeA) Emperor Palpatine (Sideshow)
Galactus MU (Hasbro) Iron Man Mark III Battle Damaged (Hot Toys) Iron Man 2 Mark IV (Hot Toys)
Kick Ass (Mezco) Peter Venkman Ghostbusters (Mattel) Skeleton Warriors (Go Hero)
T. Becker (DiD) T-800 Terminator 2 (Hot Toys) T-1000 Terminator 2 (Hot Toys)
Tytus (Mattel) Ultra-Minion, Megamind (Spinmaster) War Machine (Hot Toys)
Wolfman (Mezco)


Best Male Figure (5" - 11"):

NOTES: This time around, two of the series (MOTUC and DCUC) had multiple entries, and I realize that may dilute the vote, making it tougher for any one of them to win. However, there were simply so many good releases this year that I found it impossible to cut it any further. 

Abomination Marvel Select (DST) Autobot Drift (Hasbro) Deadman DCUC (Mattel)
Grimlock - Masterpiece (Hasbro) Gygor MOTUC (Mattel) Iron Man 2 Mark IV - Walmart Excl (Hasbro)
Jason Foster - Twilight Zone (Bif Bang Pow) Martian Manhunter DCUC (Mattel) Nom de Plume WWRAp (threeA)
Optimus Prime WFC (Hasbro) Payton Manning 4 NFL 24 (McFarlane) Plastic Man DCUC (Mattel)
Sam Flynn Tron (Spin Master) Trapjaw MOTUC (Mattel) Two Face - Retro Action (Mattel)
Woody - Revoltech (Takara)


Best Male Figure (under 5"):

NOTES: This year the category is dominated by Hasbro, but with entries from G.I. Joe, Star Wars, Iron Man, Marvel Universe and even others, it's better spread than usual.

Bespin Luke (Hasbro) Captain America SDCC Excl (Hasbro) CLU Tron (Spin Master)
Dengar (Hasbro) Duke G.I. Joe (Hasbro) Hulkbuster Iron Man (Hasbro)
Iron Man 2 MK I (Hasbro) Jungle Viper G.I. Joe POC (Hasbro) Lotso Toy Story 3 (Mattel)
Senate Commando Captain Clone Wars (Hasbro) Thor Modern MU (Hasbro) War Machine Comic Series (Hasbro)
Zartan G.I. Joe (Hasbro)


Best Female Figure (over 11"):

NOTES: We split the female category up for the first time this year, because ther were so many solid entries. However, there weren't enough to split it into the same three groups as the male figures, so we went with over 11" and under 11". This first category is the over 11" set of nominees.

Abigail Whistler, Blade: Trinity (Hot Toys) Black Widow, Iron Man 2 (Hot Toys) Ghost (Triad Toys)
Helga (Triad Toys) Jill Valentine (Hot Toys) Poison Ivy Deluxe (DC Direct)
Sarah Connor Terminator 2: Judgement Day (Hot Toys) Silk Spectre II Watchmen (Hot Toys) Tomorrow Queens (threeA)


Best Female Figure (under 11"):

NOTES: We split the female category up for the first time this year, because ther were so many solid entries. However, there weren't enough to split it into the same three groups as the male figures, so we went with over 11" and under 11". This first category is the under 11" set of nominees.

Black Rock Shooter (Max Factory) Donna Troy DCUC (Mattel) Evil-Lynn MOTUC (Mattel)
Hit-Girl (Mezco) Lilah (NECA) Little Sister Bioshock (NECA)
Mom Futurama (Toynami) Raven DCUC (Mattel) Ritsu Tainaka (Max Factory)
She-ra MOTUC (Mattel)


Best Buld a Figure (any size):

Arkillo GL DCUC (Mattel) Brimstone Public Enemies (Mattel) Darkseid DCUC (Mattel)
Jabba the Hutt Star Wars Kubricks (Medicom) Roberto Futurama (Toynami) Trigon DCUC (Mattel)
Ultra Humanite DCUC (Mattel) Validus DCUC (Mattel)


Best Vehicle or Playset:


AT-AT (Hasbro) A-Team Van (Jazwares) Autobot Ark (iGear)
Bat-Bot (Mattel) Battlecat MOTUC (Mattel) Bespin Cloud Car (Hasbro)
Classic Flight Control Tardis Dr. Who (Underground Toys) Ghost, Halo (McFarlane) HISS Tank G.I. Joe (Hasbro)
Jabba's Throne (Hasbro) Joker's Fun House (Imaginext) Kaneda's Bike (Medicom)
Kevin Flynn's Lightcycle (Spin Master) Snowspeeder (Hasbro) Warthog, Halo (McFarlane)


Best Statue:

Batman vs Killer Croc (DC Direct) Blackbeard PF (Sideshow) Bruce Lee (Enterbay)
Carnage Comiquette (Sideshow) Catwoman Cover Girls of DCU (DC Direct) Dalek Dr. Who (Weta)
Gandalf PF (Sideshow) Goliath Disney (Electric Tiki) Iron Man Mark IV (Kotobukiya)
Iron Man Mark VI (Sideshow) Mola Ram PF (Sideshow) Phoenix Marvel Bishoujo (Kotobukiya)
Rocketeer (Electric Tiki) Silver Surfer Comiquette (Sideshow) Thanos & Mistress Death (Sideshow)
Yoda vs Clonetrooper PF (Sideshow)


Best Bust:

Arcade (Bowen) Darth Talon (Gentle Giant) Darth Vader Life Size (Sideshow)
Faun, Pan's Labrynith (Gentle Giant) Iron Man Mark IV (Hot Toys) Iron Man Mark VI (Hot Toys)
Josh Randall (Triad Toys) Kreacher (Gentle Giant) McQuarrie Concept Vader (Gentle Giant)
Pyro (Bowen) Specimen 714 Hatchet Head (Sideshow) War Machine (Hot Toys)


Best Designer/Vinyl:

Note: I lumped Carl and Russell, both from Up, together - hey, who'd want one without the other?

Astro Boy (Hot Toys) Beetlejuice Mez-itz (Mezco) Bertie WWRp (threeA)
Black & White & Red All Over (Luke Chueh) Carl/Russell UP (Hot Toys) Pepper 40 Whacks (Ragnar)
System Rig Glyos (Onell) 10-Doh! (Squid Kids Ink) Tin Toy Pixar (MINDStyle)
Toy Story Cosbaby (Hot Toys) Wet Suit Maria (ESC Toys)


Best Prop Replica:

Big Daddy Doll (NECA) Chopper Predator Mask (Sideshow) Coraline doll (NECA)
Dagger of Time (United Cutlery) Death Eater Wand Swirl (Noble Collection) Dracula's Ring (Factory Entertainment)
Eve Hypo Syringe (NECA) Fertility Idol (Sideshow) Freddy's Glove (NECA)
Lotso Huggin Bear TS Collection (Thinkway) Neytiri's Dagger (Noble Collection) PKE Meter (Mattel)
Pulse Rifle, Aliens (HCG) Sonic Screwdriver 11th Dr. Who (Underground Toys) Welder Splicer Mask (NECA)


Best Block Figures:

Notes: This is the first year for this category, and we're looking to pick the best block figures, not the best building toys. They may go together - they may not.

Be@rbricks (Medicom) Kubricks (Medicom) LEGO (LEGO)
Mega Bloks (MEGA) Mini-Mates (DST) Playmobil (Playmobil)
Qee (Toy2R) Trio (Fischer Price)


Best Misc:

Bigfoot (Imaginext) Hero Factory Bionicles (LEGO) Monster High (Mattel)
MOTUC Accessories (Spymonkey) Pop Sculpture Book Star Wars Bookends (Gentle Giant)
Super Shogun Stormtrooper (super7) Triarama Dioramas (Triad Toys) Venusian Bugs (Weta)
Victorian Mongoose (Weta) Z-body (Zica)

Please include any additional comments or suggestions:


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