Marvel Legends Hulk Wave
Son of Hulk, King Hulk, End Hulk and She Hulk

Marvel Legends Fin Fang Foom action figure

It took awhile, and it was only due to the kindness of my readers (thanks to all that offered and provided help!), but I finally got my She Hulk to complete poor Fin Fang Foom.

I covered the first half of this wave back in early July, including Savage Hulk, Doc Samson, Wendigo and Absorbing Man. Tonight we'll look at the final four, She Hulk, End Hulk, King Hulk and Son of Hulk.

For many of us, the only reason we bought all these damn Hulks is because we wanted the Build a Figure that came with this wave - Fin Fang Foom.

With both the Iron Man and Hulk movies hitting this summer, Hasbro tried killing two birds with one stone.  The stone is this wave of Marvel Legends, with the entire series of figures dedicated to the Hulk, but the BAF dedicated to a classic Iron Man opponent. Now Hot Toys just needs to do one in sixth scale.

You can pick up this wave right now at most Targets and Toys R Us stores, although some of the figures are harder to come by than others, particularly She Hulk. You'll pay around $15 a pop.
Marvel Legends Hulk wave She Hulk action figure

Marvel Legends Hulk wave King Hulk action figure
Marvel Legends Hulk wave Son of Hulk action figure
Marvel Legends Hulk wave She Hulk action figure
Marvel Legends Hulk wave King Hulk action figure
Marvel Legends Hulk wave Son of Hulk action figure
Marvel Legends Hulk wave End Hulk action figure
Marvel Legends Hulk wave She Hulk action figure
Marvel Legends Hulk wave Fin Fang Foom action figure
Marvel Legends Hulk wave Son of Hulk action figure
Marvel Legends Hulk wave End Hulk action figure
Marvel Legends Hulk wave King Hulk action figure
Marvel Legends Hulk wave She Hulk action figure
Marvel Legends Hulk wave action figures
Marvel Legends Hulk wave action figures

Packaging - ***1/2
I like this style of mass market bubble/card back, and there's enough personalization and background info to make me happy.  The graphics and colors are well chosen, and while these aren't the easiest to store for the MOCers, they do hold up quite well to peg wear.

Sculpting - End Hulk ****; King Hulk ***1/2; Son of Hulk ***; She Hulk **1/2
Hasbro's sculpting on the Marvel Legends line has improved considerably, with far more textures and small details with this wave than we've seen in the past.

My easy favorite here is The End Hulk. From the torn and rotting skin, to the extreme veining of his muscles, this is a great looking figure on the shelf. This figure is quickly becoming one of my all time favorite Hulk figures, and I don't even care all that much about the storyline.

Key highlights for me are his toenails, and his head sculpt, both of which show the kind of intricate detail that is possible even on a mass market toy. He stands about 7 1/4" tall when he's fully upright.

On the opposite end of the sculpting spectrum is She Hulk.  Is it a surprise any more when a female Marvel action figure looks like the offspring of Tom Petty and a monkey's butt?  She Hulk has never exactly been the most effeminate of ladies, but that doesn't mean she can't be hot.

And in fact, the body sculpt this time around ain't half bad.  It has some issues with conflicting with the articulation (more on that in the later section), but from a pure sculpt standpoint, it's decent.  The proportions aren't nearly as awkward as we've seen in the past, the hips aren't wider than her shoulders, and the shape of the muscles is quite good.  I don't know that she's big enough to be She Hulk - the Hulk figures truly tower over her - but on her own the body doesn't look half bad.

The head sculpt is reasonable, with the exception of the chosen expression.  The shape of the head is good, and she's actually quite pretty until you get to that weird mouth pose.  She has her teeth gritted, but with the lower and upper edge to edge, and her mouth is almost in an O shape.  Try making that mouth pose yourself and you'll see how awkward and weird it is.

The other big negating feature on her sculpt is the huge hat hair.  Whenever you sculpt the hair separately from the head and glue it on, you can have issues with it looking to big and oversized.  For She Hulk, this is clearly an issue, and the top of her head sticks well above where it should due to the huge hair.  None of the hair sculpts are done with thin strands either, and hers ends up looking the worst for it. She stands about 6 1/4" tall.

Son of Hulk is a step up from that, with slightly better hair and a good expression, but there's far less detail on his body, skin and even clothing than on the other Hulks.  I'm not a big fan of his proportions either, with a smaller chest but huge arms. The loincloth is sculpted a bit too small as well, which causes it to ride up higher on his hips, making the torso look even smaller and squatter. He clocks in at 7" tall.

King Hulk is much closer in quality to the End Hulk, with great detail work on the clothing and skin, and excellent head sculpt, and a great marriage between the sculpt and the articulation.  His hands are designed to hold his accessories perfectly, and he stands fantastic on his own.  At about 7 1/2" tall, he's the biggest of these three Hulks.

Paint - End Hulk ***1/2; Son of Hulk, King Hulk ***; She Hulk **
One area where Hasbro cut back on the overall Marvel Legends figures is the paint jobs. They've utilized plastics cast in appropriate colors wherever possible, and while this is cost efficient, it also tends to be less attractive.

This is pretty obvious on the major body parts of King Hulk, She Hulk and Son of Hulk.  The End Hulk has a bit more detailed paint work due to the damaged skin, and they also added a wash that worked much better this time around. This same style of wash on some of the previously reviewed figures was over done and excessive, but on End Hulk they managed to get it just about right.  This use of a wash and more detail work is what gives him the slight edge over the others.

One of those details I wanted to mention is his teeth.  They are done with a sloppy edge to the white and to the gums on purpose, giving him that look of truly poor dental hygiene.  In close ups you can see the paint clearly, but in person in the regular scale, it merely looks like he has really bad teeth.

Although King Hulk does use a lot of cast-in-the-color plastics, the small details that are there, like his crown, are fairly clean.  There's the occasional smudge of paint here or there, and you can see a bit of the eye yellow on his cheek, but for the most part he's clean.

Son of Hulk is also fairly clean, although some of the color choices are less to my liking.  The largely gray body needs something more to set it apart on the shelf, and the lack of detail does hurt him a bit.

She Hulk ends up with the most slop, particularly around the mouth.  They did give her lips a bit of a gloss finish, but it's not particularly neat or clean, making her look like a bad Baby Jane Hudson impersonator.  If you strip her down, you'll see further slop issues around the cut lines of her underwear.

Articulation - End Hulk ****; King Hulk ***1/2;  Son of Hulk ***; She Hulk **1/2
Back in the day, Marvel Legends set the standard for articulation in the 6 - 7" scale.  Under Hasbro's reign, the sheer number of joints have decreased, but most of these have been joints that were had questionable purpose to begin with. While the overall number may have decreased, the overall quality has generally increased, with tighter joints, better pegs, and more solid construction.

Let's start with my favorite figure of the bunch, The End go along with the terrific sculpt and paint, you have some really well thought out, well designed, useful articulation.  I couldn't stick this guy in a bad pose if I tried.

There's the same old pin and post neck, but the range of movement is quite good. He has ball jointed shoulders, with the joints on both sides of the balls, and these are clicky joints, designed to stick in a pose much tighter.  The number of 'clicks' on the shoulder plate is also quite high, allowing the arm to move in tinier increments.

Moving down the body, there's pin/post elbows and wrists, and again these are clicky joints.  There's a good ball jointed ab crunch, as well as pin and post joints at the hips, knees and ankles.  There was far more posability in the legs than I expected, and he also stood in just about any pose with a natural fluidity.

King Hulk has a similar number of joints, but they are engineered a bit differently. He has the same pin and post neck, and he has traditional ball jointed shoulders with joints on both sides.  These shoulders have an excellent range of movement, and work in concert with the sculpt to allow the hands and arms to come in very close to the body.

The elbows are single pin, and the wrists are cut/pin joints.  These don't have the same level of usefulness as the End Hulk's pin/post versions.  He has the good ab-crunch joint, and has more traditional ball jointed hips.  However, his knees are also single pin, and while the ankles are pin and post, the range of movement is hampered a bit by the sculpt.

Son Hulk has articulation very similar to End Hulk, and yet on a differently sculpted body, the results are very different.

He has the pin/post neck, but his long hair restricts most of the movement.  His shoulders are ball jointed on one side (really what I call pin/post anywhere else), as are his hips. The elbows, wrists, ankles and knees are all pin and post, just like End Hulk, and he has the ab crunch as well. So why the lower score? Because these very similar joints don't work as well with the sculpt.  The arms can't come in toward the body as closely as with the other two, and the legs just don't seem to be able to mimic the same fluid poses. He's decent, but not great.

She Hulk also has similarly styled joints, but once again, they don't work as well with her basic sculpt.

She actually has a ball jointed neck, and you would think that simple fact would make me happy.  It does, but the fact that it pops off with the slightest touch tends to temper my enthusiasm a bit.

She has the same sort of pin and post joints at then shoulders, hips, knees, elbows wrists and ankles, but I had one Hell of a time getting her to look decent in any pose.  I think this is due to two issues: first, her sculpted neck combined with the ball joint tends to make her head stick out from the body at an awkward angle, and second, her sculpted butt doesn't allow her thighs to move backward from center at all. I believe it's safe to say that this is the first time in recorded history that a man has complained about a woman having a sculpted butt.

Accessories - Without Foom: King Hulk, Son Hulk ***; She Hulk *; End Hulk Bupkis; With Foom: King Hulk, Son Hulk ***1/2; She Hulk, End Hulk ***
Whether you want Fin Fang Foom or not is going to have a HUGE effect on this category (as well as the Value category).

Son of Hulk and King Hulk both have extras in addition to the Foom parts.  King Hulk has two very cool edged weapons, a sword and an ax.  The size and style mesh well with the character, and while the paint is a bit more mass market than I like, they're both decent.  His belt can also be removed from his torso, making it another accessory.  King Hulk comes with the small tail section as well.

The Son of Hulk has two weapons as well, although these aren't quite as cool.  The large, jagged, stone-like sword looks great, but the smaller knife is sculpted in the wrapped sheath, making it only look right on the belt.  The additional problem is that the small peg on the skirt is very short, and the knife tends to fall off at the slightest touch. Son of Hulk has the upper torso for your Foom figure.

The other two figures are largely accompanied by just the Foom pieces. End Hulk has both the left arm and right wing, and She Hulk comes with the large head and long neck section.

She Hulk's dress is soft goods and is removable, and yes, she's wearing a bra and panties that are sculpted on underneath, you perv.  That makes the dress sorta kinda an accessory, but I'm not sure you want her without it.

Foom - ***1/2
Like I did with Grundy, the BAF from the recent DC Universe wave 3, I thought I'd stick Fin Fang Foom off in his own category, getting his own independent score.

I was pretty harsh on Foom when I didn't have him altogether yet, but now that he's complete I'm much happier.

The sculpt is terrific, hearkening back to a bit more of the Strange Tales days.  He has that Chinese dragon look, fitting since he hibernated there so many times.  The detail work on the face is excellent, and there's plenty of skin texture and scaling.

He's also huge, standing between 14 and 15 inches high depending on the leg pose. He stands great on his own, and the sculpt works fairly well with the articulation.

Speaking of which, he's much more articulated than the usual BAF, especially one at this size. He has a ball jointed neck, pin jointed lower jaw, cut neck at the torso, ball jointed shoulders (with joints on BOTH sides of the ball) and hips, ball jointed wings, double pin elbows, pin and post wrists, ball jointed chest, two cut joints on the tail where the pieces connect, single pin knees and pin and post ankles.

The knees and ankles have fairly restricted mobility, but the rest of the joints work absolutely terrific.

So why is this not a four star BAF?  One reason - paint.  The coverage is very sloppy, and very toyish.  The best aspects are the toenails, fingernails, eyes and teeth, where the small details and colors are quite good. I really love the two tone eyes that actually look like they're glowing.

The green and yellow of the scales and skin is where the majority of the slop, poor coverage, and inconsistencies lie.  If this weren't the case, he'd be an easy four stars.

Fun Factor - Hulks ***1/2; She Hulk **
I did have a few issues with the articulation on Son of Hulk, but overall the Hulk variations are all great toys. I think most kids will be particularly fond of End Hulk, who also has some of that monstrousness going for him.  Good articulation, great sculpts, and solid construction go a long way to making these good sand box buddies.

She Hulk...well, She Hulk is unlikely to appeal to any kid, male or female. I'm not sure she'd even appeal to the Hulk.

Value - **
Even at $15, I went a little easier on these four than on the first four.  If you're not interested in Foom, then you're not going to be as forgiving in this category, especially when it comes to She Hulk. The price tag doesn't seem so bad when you get the head and neck out of the package, but if you were just interested in the rather lame figure, you'd feel mighty ripped.

Things To Watch Out For
As is often the case, watch the paint when you're picking these off the shelf. Otherwise you shouldn't have any major issues.

Overall - End Hulk, King Hulk ***1/2; Son of Hulk ***; She Hulk **
For me, the choice of the favorite figure out of this entire wave was easy - it's The End Hulk.

If I had managed to get a good paint job on my Wendigo, it would have been a tough call, because I love that sculpt as well.  I've seen Wendigos on the pegs with good paint, so you just have to try to be picky when snagging yours.

I also really like the King Hulk, and Savage Hulk ain't bad.  This overall wave is odd in that the Hulk variants are the winners, while the unique characters like She Hulk and Absorbing Man are less impressive and interesting.

But it's worth picking up even the slackers of the wave just to get Foom.  Yea, I wish they'd spent a little more quality control time on the paint, but he's damn impressive on the shelf, and looks great with your Iron Man figure.

Score Recap:
Packaging - ***1/2
Sculpting - End Hulk ****; King Hulk ***1/2; Son of Hulk ***; She Hulk **
Paint - End Hulk, King Hulk ***1/2; Son of Hulk ***; She Hulk **
Articulation - End Hulk ****; King Hulk ***1/2;  Son of Hulk ***; She Hulk **1/2
Foom - ***1/2
Accessories - Without Foom: King Hulk, Son Hulk ***; She Hulk *; End Hulk Bupkis; With Foom: King Hulk, Son Hulk ***1/2; She Hulk, End Hulk ***
Fun Factor - Hulks ***1/2; She Hulk **1/2
Value - **
Overall - End Hulk, King Hulk ***1/2; Son of Hulk ***; She Hulk **

Where to Buy -
You're best bet right now is Toys R Us and Target stores, who have been getting this wave in pretty regular. The tough one to find is She Hulk, since scalpers assume the female figure is a) short packed and b) more desirable.

-  You can also use the sponsor MyAuctionLinks to search ebay.

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Marvel Legends Hulk wave End Hulk action figure

Figure from the collection of Michael Crawford.

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